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Jan 5, 2014 - Our day on the Great Barrier Reef

Sunday 5th January Today is a big day for us, we have booked a day trip out to the Great Barrier Reef. $225 each less pensioners discount of 10%. Expensive but we had to do it as we MAY not be back in this area again. (I haven't checked my lotto numbers yet :) We spoke to Kerry at the park office and she did the booking for us, we have heard that the weather is not going to be that good from Tuesday, so I said if we can get on Sunday or Monday we would go. This will be one tick off our bucket list. Total for us $394 + $12 Reef fee.. The day...

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Nov 4, 2007 - TAURONS

Dia de taurons!!!!Si, si, tal i com ho sentiu!! Hem decidit tornar a fer un altre dia de snorkel (bucejar) a l'escull exterior de la gran barrera de coral. Avui era el dia de taurons, i n'hem vist uns quants!. Tot just mirant per la borda es veien, i haviem de saltar!!!! La foto es una prova real!! En teoria, son inofensius, pero, claro una cosa es escoltar la parauleta i repetir-te-la mil vegades abans de baixar del barco, i una altra es trobar-tel's a menys de 10 metres, mirant cap a tu com si digues, vine, vine, vols que jugui amb...

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Feb 26, 2007 - In the Rain ... Forest

Our second full day in Cairns was another bus excursion, this time to Kuranda, a small village in the heart of the rainforest. The original itinerary called for us to take the Kuranda Scenic Train, a narrow-gauge rail service that takes you up the mountain through a series of switchbacks. Unfortunately a few days before we arrived the rains had come down so heavily it had caused several mudslides that covered over sections of track so they were forced to close down for repairs to be made. So instead we took our bus up. We only had 90...

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Goin' Down, Under

Jan 10, 2007 - Day 39 - Great Barrier Reef (and losing my sea legs)

I saw the film 'Happy Feet' last night. It's very cute (the kids all seemed to love it) and looks amazing, hard to tell what's real and what's computer-generated. The whole eco-message gets a bit daft at the end but nice sentiment. Think I'll aim for something a bit more adult like 'Casino Royale' if I go again though! Continuing on a sort-of watery theme, I had my trip to the Outer Barrier Reef today on the Silversonic - a very fancy cruiser. Various people were picked up from here in Cairns then we were driven to Port Douglas which is...

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Apr 28, 2006 - Port Douglas and Diving on the Great Barrier Reef

Ok. So, we got to Port Douglas on Thursday and we had a bit of time to check it out. Really quite liked it. Relaxed town on the coast with loads of interesting shops, bars and restuarants. Very nice too. I'll let Aileen fill you in on the rest of the details from Port Douglas, including an evening that started very civilised, but ended messily. Aileen had talked me in to doing another dive on the Great Barrier Reef, and it was 6am the morning after the night before, that I awoke dehydrated, dizzy and very tired. Let's go diving! I was on my...

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