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Apr 24, 2013 - Mambray Creek, Mount Remarkable – Penrose Park, Silverton

Day 28 of our leave – Wednesday 24 April 2013 Mambray Creek, Mount Remarkable – Penrose Park, Silverton Today we did a nice 8km walk from our campsite to a lookout. Unfortunately the walk was not very well signposted and we went on a few wrong paths before finding the correct path. The walk was mainly flat as we followed the creek bed, but the walk up to the lookout was a long steep hill. Once we got to the lookout you couldn’t see too much as there were lots of trees in the way! We would have like to stay at this place for another day but...

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Jul 7, 2011 - We found the Donkey, but where was Simpson??

After a brief interlude in the local hardware to get some cable ties for Jim we ventured out to Silverton….. Spent some time at the “Old Gaol” wandering through it. Myself I found it a little overwhelming there was so much there and so little apparent organisation, kind of reminded me of my garage. Not to say that I would not have liked the little battery loco, reminded me of an amusing experience with one of these in my youth, but that’s another story…… We left the Clams to their own devices and found the local “gift shop” where I bought...

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Jan 5, 2008 - Silverton... the ghost town!

We left early from Broken Hill and headed to Silverton. This is an old mining town that is basically a ghost town now. On the way to Silverton was a turn off to the Daydream Mine. This is an old silver mine that has been opened to the public. In the summer there are on;ly two tours in the morning because of the heat so we arranged to be there for the first tour. At the beginning of the tour we walked around the surface and listened to some information from the guide. It was already really hot so this was tough going. Also, we finally saw...

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Oct 4, 2005 - Silverton (10/07/05)

A ghost town out from Broken Hill, now kickstarted again by Artists. There are very few buildings left, and most of those are deserted ruins but some have been converted into galleries and workshops and seem to be quietly thriving out here in the middle of not very much at all. The other building of note is the pub, 'The Silverton Hotel'. Used in almost every advert ever made in Australia which depicts the outback, and also in the Mad Max films amongst many others, this was just a nice place to have a pie and a pint. Not that they have...

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Simon -off to Oz!

Mar 8, 2005 - the long way back, Australia

On the way back to Sydney we took a more northerly route than on the way out. It crossed through a lot of country "towns" and the sites were less than remarkable. There was a giant red gum tree and a "magnetic" hill that was supposed to be able to pull your car uphill. Maybe it did, but we had opposing opinions on which way was uphill at the spot where we supposed to stop the car. Needless to say it was not a mindblowing experiment. One notable thing we noticed on this journey was that the stereotype of Australians and the "barbie", ie, the...

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