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Jul 21, 2014 - Gunnedah to 12 Mile Creek

The Australian Motorhome Caravan Park at 12 mile creek is an excellent park. One of the features for kids and big kids, is the teddy bear walk. Its about a kilometre in length and he entire walk is decorated with all types of teddy bears with a different theme every few metres. We went down to Lees real 50th birthday while we were there. Fantastic night. My girls were there with their husbands and Samantha and Chad were also there. added bonus and a great night

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Jun 15, 2014 - Twelve Mile Creek

A very nice drive to Twelve Mile Creek today via the Bylong Valley Way. Had the weather been more tolerable we would have stopped to take some pictures..... From what we could see from the comfort of our air-conditioned cabin the scenery is quite breathtaking, though everyone raves about the free-camp at Bylong Village I didn’t think it was that spectacular and I’m glad we stopped at Rylstone... Once onto the Golden Hwy which is joined near Sandy Hollow the road straightens out a bit then near a town in the Hunter the name of which eludes...

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Nov 19, 2013 - "Staunchly rough & ready, designer chic and resolutley pragmatic"

Or so it described Coffs Harbour in the in-flight guide... Looks like the little green line is out of phase with the journey again. What a day!!!! We rose early to get to the airfield at the specified 1 hour before departure got there with at least an hour to spare, but just before we were sposed to board the flight the dreaded announcement came over the tannoy to inform us that we would not be departing till 11:00 but those with connections should go to the customer desk for reallocation. We were rebooked on a flight that was sposed to...

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Sep 9, 2013 - SWRocks to Karuah

On the road before 9am to travel to Karuah (285 klms today) We stopped for a walk to stretch our legs at Taree. Arriving at Karuah at 2.15pm. The weather has been great for our entire holiday and we enjoyed sitting in the sun when we arrived at the Caravan Park.

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Sep 18, 2011 - Near Karuah

We are here : http://www.touristparkportstephens.com/index.html on the Pacific Hwy not that far from Karuah. A well laid out park and there is an attached fish farm along with catch and release fishing... Enroute to Taree to sort out Carols Aunt, she is 95 and needs sorting she is out of sorts.... I tried to get her a 1 Kg bag of allsorts to make her back into sorts.... We stopped enroute to look at some caravans we found 2 that were exactly what we wanted but they are too heavy and too expensive. We wont know what to do until we get to...

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Taree at the rush

Oct 11, 2007 - Karuah, Australia

Drive from South West Rocks to Karua........ We got an early start and we went to the award winning pie shop in Australia. In Australia pies are made out of meat, not fruit and you eat them hot out of the oven. We ordered a emu pie for Susan and a meat and mushroom pie for me. The were great, so I bought a crocodile pie and that was Susan's favorite. We went to a town named Kempsey where their is the Akubra hat factory. We saw a video on how the hats are made. We both want to buy one but getting them home is the problem. We decided to wait...

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