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Dec 10, 2018 - Mimosa Rocks to Jervis Bay

6 December A quiet night, we were sheltered from the winds and there were no galahs to wake us in the morning. But the sun shone through clear blue skies so we got up and on our way. Called in at Aragunna Beach on the way out. Beautiful in the early morning light, noone else there. Decided to have breakfast at a cafe for a change and so drove to Bermagui some 20 km away, we were hungry by then! Found a cafe and enjoyed a full breakfast; service very slow, but they were so friendly. We drove to the Blue Pool which is described as a large...

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OZ and Tassie

Feb 16, 2015 - Days 22 - 25 UPDATE NOTES

Hi All, Sydney is now long gone as we left our travelling companions and headed to Wollongong for catch-ups galore. Being an old stomping ground and where Anne was born and where we lived until 1992 we know a lot of people here and Anne has relatives as well so to say we were busy was an understatement. We also took the opportunity to visit the graves of our parents and drive past many of our old haunts, different streets and suburbs. One of the reasons for the stop was to attend Gai Hemleys 60th birthday celebrations, a lot of fun. We also...

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Apr 3, 2014 - at Huskisson

Day 40 Thursday 3rd April (Ron) at Huskisson Weather expected to deteriorate later today - lights winds started last night but day dawned sunny, no clouds, and stayed that way all day until about 4:30 when the clouds started to gather in the SW. We headed off to Booderie NP again (had a 48hr pass for $5.50) so we could have a look at the Botanical Gardens which are a frost free annex of the Canberra Botanical Gardens. It was a very pleasant couple of hours wandering through the various zones. It must be an absolute picture in the...

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Apr 2, 2014 - at Huskisson (Jervis Bay) - boat cruise

Day 39. Wednesday. 2nd April. (Ron). at Huskisson Today has to be the one of only 3 or 4 'perfect days since we left Bne. So we've decided to take a Jervis Bay Eco cruise. It was not just good value it was great - $70 each concession less extra 20% with c/van pk voucher 10:30 to 12:50. What a pleasant day, a great crew, good commentary from the skipper and a fantastic bay with lots of wonderful features created by God. The trip took us out to the northern head of the Jervis Bay entrance called Point Perpendicular. The sea swell was so...

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Apr 1, 2014 - Ulladulla to Huskisson (on Jervis Bay)

Day 38 Tuesday 1st April (Ron) Ulladulla to Huskisson Jervis Bay Today we head to the post office and info centre before leaving Ulladulla. We received an email that let us know that as pensioners we can avoid the latest increase in postage by registering to permit us to buy special stamps for a concession postage rate. Equipped with a new map from the Info Centre we set off to have m/tea at Lake Conjola - short board walk - sea and lake side by side. Lunch was at Sussex Inlet - quiet and peaceful before we continued through St George basin...

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Mar 8, 2008 - A complete contrast

Well im out of sydney at last. Two days later than planned. Packing up my things was a little more stressfull than planned. Its amazing what you acumilate after 5 months in one place. I still have a redicolusly large pack but Im thinking of reducing it by getting rid of some dive equiptment. I can't reducce my clothes anymore, i'll have nothing to wear. Im now in a very little town of Huskison, population 3300. It is lovely and peaceful and a complete contrast to sydney. The first night I had difficulty sleeping as it was too quiet, but...

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Mar 8, 2008 - נחים בג'רוויז ביי

בוקר. מזמן לא כתבתי בבוקר וזה אולי משקף את הכייף שעושות ה"עצירות" שאנחנו עושים פה ושם. כייף שהחלטנו להישאר כאן בג'רביס ביי ליומיים שלושה (מיוש, כרגיל המלצותיך מצוינות) וכייף שקמים ואין בדיוק מסלול מסודר להיום. באופן כללי התוכנית היא לתור את המפרץ, אולי לשוט כדי לראות דולפינים, ולראות את הטבע המקסים פה, על חופיו ובעלי החיים שבו. אחרי שה"אירוע" מתוכנן כבר כמה ימים, אני מנצלת את הזמן ויושבת עם צבע שיער על הראש. זהו כבר ממש הגיעו מים עד נפש ואין ברירה וזו הזדמנות להגיד לכולם רגע, חצי שעה אני עכשיו ל-ב-ד. הבנות כפי שכבר סיפרתי בעבר, מאוד השתפרו...

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