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Jun 24, 2014 - Lunch at Harrington

Tuesday! Impressions is open and we have a booking for lunch.... We met up with some other friends whose paths we had last crossed at Moama. Daryl & Barb made up a six with us and the Gnomes. Carols late Aunt found this place; must be 15 years ago and the food here is always top notch, the deserts are, however, the piece de resistance as you can see from the photos. After lunch we drove home via Harrington Waters and Middle Brother mountain, on my map there was sposed to be a lookout but there is not, just a huge transmission tower. Head...

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Nov 2, 2012 - Tuncurry

Our time in Taree (Tuncurry - we moved from Harrington) is drawing to a close. Just whipping some loose ends or if you prefer tying some loose ends. Hopefully we will leave Tuesday, stop overnight somewhere and get back home on Wednesday. Today for some variety we went for a drive to see “The Grandis” the tallest known tree in NSW. It’s a Eucalyptus Grandis or Flooded Gum. A spectacular tree even by WA standards; 72M tall and 3.5M diameter at the base and not easy to find unless you know where to go. The turn off is on the Lakes Way near...

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Oct 26, 2012 - Thursday & Friday in Harrington

25 October I was directed to attend a morning walk along the foreshore and out onto the training wall, it turned in to a route march rather than a pleasant stroll, when we returned to the van both Gracie and I were knackered. After breakfast I had a bit of a clean-up with the van, drained and flushed the water tanks after the hard lime rich water of the West and also flushed out the Hot Water service. A cupful of lime scale was in there all sitting on the bottom of the tank as it falls off the element every time the element heats up and...

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Oct 23, 2012 - Tuesday 23rd Harrington

Enjoying Harrington, very nice here even though yesterday while we were “out” a gale blew up and dislodged our de-flappers and undermined the sand from under the van wheels, then heavy rain with a bit of thunder. Got the awning down at the rush… All’s good this morning though sun is shining and the rain was welcomed by all… We will have to see if “Impressions” is still as good as past experiences have been. To kill some time during the wait we drove to Port Macquarie… Had a look at the 2012 Jayco vans… I want to trade ours in now they have...

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Oct 19, 2012 - Arrived in Harrington

Arrived at Harrington early afternoon after a slow drive from Denman. All went well till we hit Civilisation, then at a roundabout there were red and blue flashing lights to our left the police blocked the road and a HUMUNGOUS wide load took up its course in front of us. We followed at a very subdued pace until I spotted a sign to Raymond Terrace in East Maitland so despite Karen’s initial protests I took off to the left and Karen decided it was ok to go this way and directed us to the Pacific Hwy via the back route around Raymond Terrace,...

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Sep 19, 2011 - Lunch at Harrington

Today we took Carols Aunt out to Harrington for lunch. That was the excuse anyway to a) get her out of the house and b) give her birthday lunch…. Harrington is a nice spot at the mouth of the Manning River. The lunch at Inspirations was as usual superb and the view across the bar spectacular…. Not that bar the sand bar….. Then back to Taree to drop Aunt off and back to the van to sit in Aircondioned comfort…. Tomorrow we start to wend our way home and will be overnighting at Mannering Park on Lake Macquarie at a BIG4 that as an experiment...

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