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May 22, 2016 - Visit to Lake Sevan, Armenia

Sunday 22nd May 2016 Yerevan to Lake Sevan and return Today we set off to visit more historic sites near Yerevan and also Lake Sevan. There was very little traffic in the city as it was Sunday. First we drove to Geghard Monastery in the hills just outside Yerevan. It was first built in the 4th century AD, then rebuilt in the 920’s, over 1100 years ago. It was carved out of solid rock from the top down, quite an amazing place. There were many people visiting today as it was Sunday. We spoke to a number of locals and had many photos taken...

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Sep 21, 2006 - Armenia; ancient christian cathedrals throughout Armenia

During the group tour we attended a sunday service at the Cathedral of the Catholicos ( the equivalent rank of the Cath. pope). It's interesting that the oldest christian nation visited by the apostles Bartholemew and Thadeus ( according to legends) and and by St Gregory in the third c. yet they still do not accept the dual nature of Christ ( true God and true man). Because of this crucifixes are always without any figure of Christ. Priests may marry but if they do they not advance in rank. Armenia is the origen coutry of Apricots and...

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