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Jun 26, 2012 - Rosario

Nous revoilà en Argentine, à Rosario. C'est la 3ème ville d'Argentine et le lieu de naissance de Che Guevara et du drapeau argentin. Nous avons été accueillis par nos couchsurfers Flor et Pedro au terminal bus. Ils ont vraiment été super avec nous, on s'est sentis comme à la maison et du coup on est resté plus longtemps que prévu à Rosario. Ils ont aussi voyagé durant un an en Amérique du Sud et nous ont donné plein d'idées. En plus, leur appartement est très bien décoré avec beaucoup d'objets récupérés. Ils sont tous les deux profs de...

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Mar 24, 2011 - Rosario

After Buenos Aires, I made my way to Rosario, to be there a day before the others. Its a really nice city about 5 hours outside Buenos Aires, really nice feel to it. Though I wasn't able to see too much, I did a bit on my first afternoon, then went to meet Calum, as he was going to be working there for 3 months, and had his own flat. So I went to his for the evening, and we bought some food. Was a really lovely night. And perfect as it was only a couple of blocks from the hostel. On the 2nd day I was there, the morning that Dan, Jamie and...

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Feb 3, 2011 - Rosario/San Miguel, Argentina

I am now sitting in a cool covered patio at Carlos/Alejandra's home in Sam Miguel, a suburb of Buenos Aires. This last week or so have been busy servicing and preparing Paco for the difficult road in Chile that we intend to drive. Today is a rest day, and reacquainting with Carlos/Alejandra. Last week was a very intense work week at Mariano/Josefina's home in Rosario. (The following is very mechanical, skip if not interested) Paco is running now. Mariano and Josephina, our wonderful friends in Rosario were very helpful in helping me...

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Feb 14, 2009 - Rosario

So, the bottom line is - don´t bother. Rosario is very much like BA, except it´s harder to find good restaurants, and there´s not as much entertainment. Kind of like Perth - a great place to live, not-so-great to visit. We´re onto a bus to Iguazu Falls tonight, and this time next week we´ll be partying at Carnaval!

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Oct 26, 2008 - Rosario

Rosario, seconde ville du pays, dont la fierté est le monument au drapeau. C'est également là qu'est né le lideur "Che Guevara". C'est un ville agreable à visiter à pied. Mais avant de visiter, il faut y arriver: quand Carlos nous a déposé en bordure de la ville, il était déjà 22h passé en ce samedi soir. Le plus sur et le plus rapide est de prendre un taxi qui nous emmène jusqu'au centre. Mais là, un petit problème se pose: TOUS les hostels et hotels affiches complets. Et l'unique camping est à 9km d'ici...Il est déjà tard et on ne sait...

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Oct 24, 2008 - deux jours de stop

C'est parti! Nous avançons notre decente vers Buenos Aires. Notre plan est de retourner chez Buli, de se reposer un peu, d'alleger les trop lourds sacs, de faire un peu le point... C'est donc en toute simplicité que nous quittons Resistencia avec Armando comme chauffeur. Quel chic tipe! il nous a meme payé le plat du jour. Décidement, le stop fait faire des belles rencontres. Il nous laisse a Reconquista après 200km de route. Puis c'est un jeune étudiant qui nous prend sur 30km, jusqu'à Malabrigo. Nous essayons encore de pouser la route...

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Mar 30, 2008 - Rosario the home of the most beautiful women in the world.......so far haha

Rosario population is 1mil. the bus ride from Santa Fe to Rosario was an enjoyable 2.5 hours. This is the only city in northern Argentina that i truely wished i had a camera with me. Oh me god. it has to been seen to be believed. Rosairo is renouned in Argentina for having the most beautiful women in the whole country and it didnt dissapoint. How this phemomenon occurs naturally in nature one can only wonder. apart from that Rosario is a really beautifull city, clean good plazas and malls to people watch :) tons and tons of cafes, some...

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Mar 26, 2008 - Santa Fe

Santa fe. population 400T Bus ride from Posadas to Santa Fe was 12 hours. Santa Fe is a cool town with a very large university population theyhave like 6 universities up here and thus lots of students. i whent to a couple of museums on the history of santa fe. The town was actually located 70 km away but due to the river occasionaly bursting it banks and the local native ppl causing problems it was decided to relocate the whole city to the new spot. They actually kept the exact layout of the city, roads, government buildings, churches and...

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Oct 9, 2007 - rosario de sante fe

arrived in rosario on the 8th of october which turns out to be the 40th anniversary of che guevaras death. he was born in rosario. next morning we went to see the house where he was born but its just got offices in it now. went to another museum of indigenous peoples which was interesting. we were only gonna stay in the hostel (rosario inn) for the 1 night but ezequiel, one of the members of staff got a phonebook for me so i could look up the bolgers. there was only one number so he called n then put me on the phone. i spoke to daniela who...

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Leahs Lallygag

Feb 10, 2007 - Rosario

Rosario, the next largest city to Cordoba and our next stop on the way back to Buenos Aires. Similar to Cordoba, university town, tree-lined streets, but famous for its river beaches. Unfortunately we didn't get to experience as the weather wasn't so good. Seems like one of those places that you would need to invest some more time in to get the most out of it. Went for a run along the river and walked the streets, to find beautiful colonial style buildings. Once our super quick visit was up, we took a taxi to the bus terminal. The taxi...

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Jan 2, 2007 - Che's place of birth - Rosario

It was a roasting day in Buenos Aires when I left to Rosario. At the bus terminal it was practically like walking into an owen - dry, roasting heat. I was happy to be leaving. Once arrived in Rosario, I found out it had been a heat record in Buenos Aires and they were showing it all over in the TV. Fernando had warned me that it's cold in the Argentine buses. I reckoned that would just be cool and refreshing and Argentine's would just take it for "cold". But he was right. Inside the bus was freezing, and arriving in Rosario was like...

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Nov 20, 2006 - San Antonio de Areco & Rosario

After a couple days in BA we decided to head out of town. We first went up to San Antonio de Areco which is about 2 hours north of the city. It's a tiny town (maybe 15x15 blocks and 20,000 people) known for it's historical gaucho (cowboy) culture and fine silver and leather craftsmen. It's a totally peaceful and picturesque little town and we had a really nice couple of relaxing days browsing the shops and craftsmen workshops, picknicking by the river, hanging out in the central plaza and of course sampling the local fare. More beautiful...

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