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Nov 24, 2018 - Mendoza, Argentina

A straight line on the map from Santiago, Chile to Mendoza, Argentina is about 125 miles east. However, the driving distance is twice that distance due to the fact that you have to go over the Andes Mountains. It is about a five to six hour drive. The flight from one city to the other is only about 45 minutes. You barely get up before you are coming down. On a clear day the views are spectacular as you can imagine as the mountains always have glaciers. Mendoza is the primary region in Argentina for Argentine wine. It is might be called the...

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Jul 11, 2018 - Mendoza, Argentina

Hola hola hola! Ted y yo estamos en Mendoza, Argentina. Localiza al este de los Cordilleras de los Andes. Continuamos el viaje de Argentina. Esta mañana, hemos comido tostado, fruta, y yerba mate por desayuno. Durante nuestra visita se quedamos a la Huentala Hotel Boutique que localiza en centro de la ciudad. También, vamos a la Bodega Caelum por la cena. Estoy emocionada por la bodega y muchas otras bodegas. Luego, visitamos al Museo Fundacional para Ted. Me encanta esta ciudad y las personas amables. El vino de Mendoza es el mejor del...

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Apr 19, 2018 - Across The Amazing Andes

With a recently completed new tunnel, the route up over the Andes from Mendoza, Argentina to Santiago, Chile is a smooth seven-hour bus ride with great views. I say it ranks right up there with the Cabot Trail and The Columbia Icefields highway, tops in the North America, If not the world. The constantly changing views of the colorful mountains meant no napping on the bus. Folks in Mendoza enjoy cross-boarding shopping because they are closer to Santiago than to the metropolises of Argentina. That said, the descent from the highest point...

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Apr 17, 2018 - Patroness Saint of the Vineyards

Returning to Mendoza from our vineyard tour included a stop at pretty Carrodilla Church, built in 1840, where the Virgin Mary is worshipped as the Patroness Saint of the Vineyards As with so many churches, this one has a tale to tell. Mendoza is 2nd oldest city in Argentina, and It was destroyed by an earthquake mag 7.7 back in 1861. Carrodilla was the only church in Mendoza to survive the 1861 earthquake and this particular Virgin statue (& part of the house) were left intact. Thus, Virgin de la Carrodilla (virgin of the farm wagons) -...

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Apr 15, 2018 - Malbec and More

Argentina is the 5th largest grape producer in the world. In the Mendoza area 163,000 acres create 67% of Argentina production via 880 active wineries of which 600+ in the Maipu region, 30 km SE of Mendoza. Back in 1993 Argentina’s President Sariemento established a winemaker’s school and brought many new varieties of grapes to Maipu. Malbec especially took off because of climate & terroir and today the wine industry includes the production of bottles, labels, corks, crates... In total Mendoza region there are 12000 kms of irrigation...

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Dec 13, 2017 - Mendoza

Start the day with coffee and breakfast at my hotel, then out for a walk about the city it does not have a lot of things to see and do, to make a trip to any of the winery have to book a tour, so just made it a easy day wandering about the city. Had some dinner on the people street and back to hotel, leaving tomorrow by bus to Santiago.

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Dec 12, 2017 - Mendoza

After some breakfast I was out exploring the city of Mendoza, have to be very careful walking the streets here as there many holes and drop off in the sidewalks. This city has many trees planted along the sidewalks with causes a lot of uneven places and holes, nice shade for the hot midday sun. I did a city tour bus going to some of the sights and whole lot of walking LOL it dose not have a lot of things to see like in the city of Salta, a much lager city and lots of people. Had a late lunch or maybe a early dinner a nice steak with french...

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Dec 11, 2017 - A flight to Mendoza

Out for breakfast this morning just got back to my room before the rain started and did it come down like in buckets. Finished packing my bags for my flight to Mendoza checked out of hotel and headed to the airport in the rain but a least it has slowed down. Got checked in, checked one bag and off to wait until my flight was ready to board, go though security and off to to the plane, This flight is only a 1 1/2 hour so I got a window seat, flew over some very dry areas until all most to Mendoza then there were lots of vineyards. My bag was...

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Jul 18, 2014 - Wine time!

This is it, the post you've all been waiting for... Mendoza, Argentina - the wine capital of South America. Let me start by saying that I will be starting a revolt as soon as I get home, feel free to join in. My cause: wine prices in BC. Yesterday, Ryan bought a Dominicia 2010 Black Label Reserve Syrah, which was one of only 3000 bottles made that year.. the cost: $11.50. You are getting robbed!! Some other fun facts about wine that might make you set out to the liquor store anyways: - the Dominica vineyard is famous for harvesting its...

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Dec 20, 2013 - Vin i glasset og kød på grillen

Så kom jeg til Argentina, og det kan mærkes. For det første er der helt vildt varmt, selv om aftenen, det køler ikke rigtig af på noget tidspunkt. Jeg ankom tre timer senere end planlagt, og kom først til mit hostel kl. 23.30, hvor alle sad udenfor med resterne af aftenens barbecue, men jeg var for træt til at socialisere rigtigt, men det var på den anden side også så varmt at jeg næsten ikke kunne sove. Dagen efter lærte jeg tre australiere at kende, og vi tog på vintur til Maipú, som er en af de mest kendte vinregioner rundt om Mendoza....

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Dec 9, 2013 - Mendoza: In and Around

Mendoza, Argentina: In and Around ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6-9 December 2013 Mendoza Mendoza is effectively a desert city given that it has no more than 200mm of rainfall a year. Given how incredibly lush it is you would never know it, thanks to the snow which falls on the nearby Andes range which, when melted, supplies the essential water to supply the town and its extensive irrigation system. Mendoza has a thriving agricultural...

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Oct 10, 2013 - Mendoza Day 2 & 3

Mendoza Day 2 & 3 As mentioned in the last entry, today was originally scheduled as a day off rest, but the gang decided that they were interested in a city tour. I begged off looking for some down time and a bit of a catch-up on the travel blog. A brief 3 hours later, the folks returned and we went off hunting for some lunch. At this point we've well acclimated to the dining hours of lunch at 3pm and dinner at 9pm. A stroll around the city, asking for our water bottles to be refreshed, with an average humidity around 25% and temperatures...

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