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Dec 10, 2007 - Antarctica: Elephant Island and Penguin Island

Day 4 – I have a question what type of wildlife can we expect to see on Penguin Island? Crossing the Bransfield Strait, Antarctic Sound and Penguin Island Our first proper day in Antarctica and having crossed the Bransfield Strait overnight we enter the waters of Antarctic Sound heading south to make our first landing at Brown Bluff. Everyone is on deck mesmerized at the huge collection of sea ice and icebergs that our little white ship has to navigate through. It’s here that we sight our first penguins and seals as they languish around on...

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EZ Duz it!

Feb 1, 2007 - Antarctic Sound

This morning we sailed into the Antarctic Sound at about 5 AM. We sailed to where we were just off Esperaza Station, an Argentine research station. It is located in Hope Bay on the Trinity Peninsula.We loitered there a bit for pictures and then retraced our way back out of the sound. We crossed Bransfield Strait to Admiralty Bay on King George Island. While there in the afternoon some scientists from the Polish Arctowski Base came to the ship and talked to us. The ship Discovery was visiting the base with people going ashore. Discovery is...

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Dec 10, 2006 - South Orkney Islands: Point Wilde, Elephant Island

Our main visit today was at Elephant Island in the South Shetland Islands, just off the tip of the Antarctic peninsula. Elephant Island has a number of different penguin colonies and groups of seals, but the reason it is visited is more historical than natural. Elephant Island is where Shackleton's party wound up after their ship, the Endurance, sunk when crushed by the ice. Shackleton and his men took to their three sailboats and hit land here at Elephant Island - the last land of any type before the Drake Passage and South America,...

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Jan 19, 2006 - Antarctica, St. George Island

Janet's entry: Each of the four days cruising in the Antarctic has been filled with wonder. This regions beauty cannot be surpassed! I used to think of the antarctic area as a barren, forsaken area. Though there are no land-based vertebrate animals, the ocean and skies are abundant with life. In 1959, the Antarctic Treaty provided for twelve nations to peacefully use, provide preservation, and conduct scientific research in the area. Our stops have been at the Polish, Chilean, and Argentinean base areas. We woke up the morning of...

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