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Jan 3, 2018 - Paulet Island and Madden cliffs

Having taken off in a small jet from Punta Arenas, we landed on a gravel runway of a Chilean controlled airbase. The reason why the flight landing is so weather related is because there is only a few lights to mark the runway and if they cannot be seen from 2km's the flight will be abandoned and returned. I cried when we hit the gravel as I knew that we were in Antartica albeit on the South Shetland Isles and the only stopping us now, would be the ability to get onto the ship via Zodiaks. Walking from the Chielan airbase, through a Russian...

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Nov 17, 2006 - Antarctica Day 4: Brown Bluff; Paulet Island

Every morning, Aaron gives a wake up call at about 0700. Usually, he starts out with, in his slight Kiwi accent, "Good morning. I trust you had a good sleep." Then he goes on to explain the plans for that day. Today we arrived at Brown Bluff, on the southern tip of the Antarctic continent (63 degrees 32 minutes South latitude; 56 degrees, 55 minutes West longitude). It would be our only landing on the continent (all other landings would occur on islands around the penninsula). As this was our first shore landing, we put on waterproof...

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