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Jan 30, 2012 - Antarctica Experience

Antarctica is defined as “all land and ice shelves south of 60 degree South. During the night, we crossed over into Antarctic waters. This area is governed by the Antarctic Treaty System. The Treaty established Antarctica as a zone of peace and science in 1959. As such, we are no longer on a cruise but have become an Antarctic expedition. Only expeditions are allowed below the 60 degree parallel. The weather is windy and cold (near 32 degrees). Standing or sitting outside is out of the question. We finally spot chairs by an inside window...

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Feb 25, 2008 - Day 15 - Iceberg Alley

We awoke early on Day 15 and were rewarded with partly cloudy skies and occasional patches of sunshine for our trip down Iceberg Alley. But, we weren't complaining. Huge icebergs abounded everywhere we looked. As we stood on deck, bundled in layers of warm clothing to stave off the icy breezes, we were practically speechless in response to the amazing scene mother nature had blessed us with. Nearly everyone we spoke to this morning responded the same way. After running out of superlatives to describe the supreme beauty laid out before us,...

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Dec 30, 2005 - Antarctica - 63º 10'S / 57º 10'W - Temp -3ºC (21:00hrs)

The morning's landing was at Gourdin Island - notoriously difficult due to unpredictable weather conditions and big bergy bits bobbing around everywhere. We made it ashore and during the bumpy zodiac ride we had ringside seats to another penguin feast. We saw a giant Leopard seal stalking penguins as they went to sea, eventually nabbing one and proceeding to tear strips off the poor bird as it tossed it about the ocean, at one point we almost collected half a bloody penguin in our boat. A gruesome sight and a sad ending to a cute fluffy...

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Dec 17, 2004 - On Antarctica

We have finally made landfall and could not have been more amazed. We had two landings this day and saw not hundreds, but thousands of penguins. They are very entertaining to watch, as they build their nests with small rocks, or engage in mating dances, or feed the young chicks. They are noisy, smelly, and terrifically fun to watch. We also made a couple of hikes. It was great to know that this was just the beginning of our adventures here.

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