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Jan 31, 2012 - Antarctic Experience

Deb gets up early to drink coffee and eat pastries outside on the deck and to watch the amazing scenery go by. The weather is so much nicer today than yesterday. The wind has calmed and while cold (around 30 degrees), it is not bad under blankets. We sail on Gerlache Strait following the shores of Brabant Island. We pass Cuverville Island and Wiencke Island. It is late summer here and snow has disappeared in places revealing a very rugged landscape. Less than 5 percent of Antarctica is free of ice and yet the Antarctic is considered to be...

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Mar 10, 2006 - ANTARCTICA!

Antarctica is 620 miles from the tip of South America and no human being had set eyes on it before 1820. The first tourist ships left for Antarctica int the 1960's and it now sees about 20,000 tourists a year. Antarctic visists are concentrated at ice-free coastal zones over the Antarctic summer months of November to March. It is the fifth largest of the seven continents and is covered with more the 99 per cent of snow. This snow contains about 70per cent of the world's fresh water. During the summer it is 50 times bigger than the UK (twice...

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