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A "longtail boat" at full speed. These have a big car engine,...

Lisy at the dock, with our water bus heading away in the...

The river in Bangkok is as busy as the streets, and it...

Marc at the dock, waiting for our ride back.

Water and canals are everywhere. As pretty as it looks, you wouldn't...

Getting a little fresh air on a river boat.

Bangkok is one of Asia's largest cities, and seems to offer a slice of just about everywhere that we have visited. It has sights, sounds and smells that we could never forget. The city streets are completely chaotic, rikshaws and tuk-tuks everywhere, there are markets selling all kinds of crazy things, and there are people from all walks of life mingling together. It also has a modern side, with luxury hotels, a reliable "sky train" trnsport service, as well as shopping mall, Pizza Hut, 7-11, and McDonald's on every corner.

Despite it's size, Bangkok is an easy city for a tourist to navigate, and we were able find everything that we needed. In fact, since prices are so low here, we are using it as a place to stock up on things (like shampoo,razors etc) that will be much more expensive in New Zealand (our next major stop).

We are ready to move on to the next leg of our journey. We both feel that we have thoroughly explored a good chunk of Asia, and we are looking forward to a change of pace. We are ready to take a break from the heat, start surfing again, and return to a more familiar enviornment. Traveling through Asia was very rewarding even though it was difficult at times. We are glad that we had an opportunity to experience everything that we did, and we will return to Asia again in the future.

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