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Our First Experience of Some Australian "Shrimp on the Barbi"

Sean's Paintball Outfit (Tutu included) During the Afternoon Of the Bachelor Party

Sean Getting A Semi-Professional Hairdo For His Bachelor Party

Cyndi Horrified When She Saw Sean's New Hairdo

The Girls Preparing For Their "Hen's Night" (Bachelorette Party)

Cyndi (The Bride) Beginning to Settle in to the Party - Take...

Cyndi Doing the "Penis Toss" on her "Hen's Night"

Cyndi's Last Free Night Out on the Town

Steve Meeting Up With His Old Friend Andrew Near His Home Where...

Meeting up with "The Folks" at a place called Noosa Head. Also...

Dad Catching A Massive Wave at Noosa Head

A Pelican That We Saw at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

A Koala at the Sanctuary

An Australian Possum

A Salt Water Crocodile

Tara Feeding a Kangaroo

Tara Feeding Another Kangaroo While It's Joey Waits Patiently!

Checking Out the City of Brisbane

Tara, Steve, Kevin and Kerrin at Surfer's Paradise

Tara and Kerrin Outside of the Beautiful Home of Cyndi and Sean's...

A Meal Before the Wedding

Stopping at Byron Bay on our Way to the Wedding Venue

The Beautiful Bride, Cyndi, Walking Down the Aisle to Meet her Husband...

Tara Speaking at the Wedding

The Canadian Clan (and Sean) on the Steps of the Chapel

Taking a Break After a Wedding Photo Session by the Volleyball Court

Cyndi and Sean Having a Toast After the Ceremony

Tara and the Bride

Roland the "One Man Band" Playing His Didgerido at the Reception

Steve Dancing With the Bride After What Ended up Being 'Way Too...

Steve, Tara, and Jeff at the Reception Party!

Cyndi and Sean (Bride and Groom) at the Reception

Steve and I are currently in Brisbane, Australia. We arrived last week and have been very busy since then preparing for Cyndi and Sean's wedding - I know many of you can relate to that! The wedding was 2 days ago in a town called 'Coff's Harbour' - which is on the north coast of New South Wales. Everything went smoothly and the weather was great. The reception party was fantastic...lots and lots of drinks and lots of dancing too!! For only just meeting the approximately 60 other people there, Steve and I had an extremely fun-filled day. We have included a number of photos of this special day.

Before the wedding, we did find time to fit in some sightseeing. Actually, a few hours after landing in Australia, Cyndi took us out on the town. We went to a comedy club to celebrate her friend, Rachel's, birthday and enjoyed a lot of laughs. As we were the last ones to show up, we had to sit at the front, near the stage (and you know what that means...we were picked on all night!) But besides having to tolerate all of the Canadian jokes that were made, we found that the night was a good way to meet a few people who were coming to the wedding.

Last Saturday night, Steve and the guys went out for Sean's bachelor night and I went out with Cyndi and a group of her friends for her bachelorette party! Again, lots of drinking and lots of dancing!! It was a bit of a late night for the girls, as we did not get in until 6 a.m. The bars stay open later here and many people will do 'breaky' afterwards...so, we peeled ourselves away from the bar at 4 a.m. and headed for breakfast. I was amazed at how busy the streets were at this early hour, but what I was more amazed at was the fact that I could actually stay up all night and that we were eating breakfast while watching day-break!! Needless to say, as soon as we got home I was out like a light! Good times!! Steve went out with the guys during the day of the bachelor party and played some paint ball. He still has a number of bruises from the experience but he claims that he had a great time. That night the guys went out on the town. The Best Man was kind enough to prepare Sean for his night on the town by 'doing his hair' for him (you will see in the photo that his 'wife to be' did not like the style and colour that much!). The guys then went to the Strippers where Steve reported that they had a great meal served by friendly staff! Later that night the boys went to another bar where they drank the night away.

Sunday was mostly a recovery day, although later in the day, Cyndi took us for a drive to see some more highlights of the city of Brisbane. Steve did not join us. Instead, he went up to visit his friend, Andrew, who lives on the Sunshine Coast - which is about an hour north of where Cyndi lives. Steve had a great day visiting with Andrew and his wife Alicia. He has not stopped talking about the great lobster that he ate. Andrew caught the lobster himself the day before while out fishing in the ocean with his spear gun. We plan to catch up more with Andrew and Alicia when we stay with them in about a week.

Monday, we went to Noosa Head which is about an hour north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast. Steve's parents were staying there and we had a great day on the beach. Steve's dad had had a day or two of surfing under his belt so he gave us a few tutorials and we got to have a try at surfing ourselves (but it was not that easy).

Tuesday, we started our journey to 'Coffs Harbour' - where the wedding was held. We stopped at an animal sanctuary where we had the opportunity to see some native Australian wildlife (koalas, wambats, dingos, crocodiles, snakes, birds, and of course kangaroos). We also went to a beach town called Surfer's Paradise before spending the evening with some friends of Cyndi and Sean's, named Brad and Jeff. They have a beatiful home with a big property. They have their own horse, chickens, as well as a vineyard. We went out for a lovely meal and stayed with them overnight. The next day we arrived in Coffs Harbour and got settled into our villa in preparation for the wedding. We had a couple of days to get organized and had the chance to meet some of Sean's family.

Tommorrow we plan to meet up with Steve's parents again for the last time. They will be spending the night with us here at Cyndi and Sean's house and then on Tuesday they fly to Sydney. They stay in Sydney for a couple of days and then return to Canada.

We hope you enjoy the record number of photos on this update.

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