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Inside the grounds at Concho y Toro

It was great to do tastings outside in the sun

Vine covered walkway to the homestead

The homestead at Concho y Toro (now the administration building)

Apparently they still do all picking by hand and there is no...

Maipo Valley vineyard (cabernet sauvignon)

Now into the wood cellars for more tastings

Next was the turn of a Merlot

And then into the Cellar of the Devil

There isn't really a devil in there...

...or is there ?

After a final tasting of a cabernet sauvignon it was time to...

So it's good bye to Chile for now at least

This means Shell & Bull. Sounds better in Spanish and it is the largest wine maker in Chile and indeed South America. We travelled the 26 km out of Santiago ourselves via the metro and bus to avoid steep tour costs charged by the agencies in town. It was really nice to get out of the city and see clear views of the Andes. The wines we tried however weren't as good as what we had tried in Portillo and the tour guide was very anti-Europe but we wanted to visit the Casillero del Diablo or Cellar of the Devil.

The original owner was a bit peeved at the locals stealing his cellared wines so he said that the cellar was possesed and the devil lived in it. The locals believed him and the wine stopped being stolen.

We fly tomorrow to Buenos Aires from where we will head south again to visit Argentinian Patagonia. We hope to get as far south as can, maybe as far as Tierra del Fuego ? Who knows ? Then we will come back up the Andes side of Argentina where we hope to do some trekking and glacier spotting. After that we have until 11th October to get to Rio where we fly back to the UK.

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