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Emu Prison

Its getting hot in here

I see no ships

Dusty Road

Kings Canyon Part 1

Kings Canyon Part 2

Kings Canyon Part 3

The Salt Lakes of The Red Centre

Fake Uluru

Real Uluru (1st ever time we saw it)


My heads bigger then THE ROCK!

GRUB our tour guide

Lou asleep in her swag

Tourist camera shot

Sun rise




Chrissie & lou

Uluru Side View

Cave in the rock

Ahhhhhhh bless Uluru

Idiots walking up Uluru

Uluru Full size

The Olgas - Kata Juta

The Olgas - Kata Juta take 2

The Olgas - Kata Juta take 3

Our Tour Group

Grub & Chrissie

Sunset Over The Red Centre

Sunset Over The Red Centre take 2

Uluru from Our Plane

Uluru from Our Plane take 2

Castles in the sky

Our tour departed at 0500am on the Wednesday morning, needless to say we were tired and grumpy initally:) We had a great group and our tour guide 'Grub' was truely hilarious in all senses of the word........ We did the usual embarassing introductions over a microphone at the beginning of the trip and got to watch the sun rise over the desert, their really is nothing better than watching the sun rise when there is nothing around for miles but red red sand.

Tbag and I ofcourse got a few laughs over our nicknames and he became the group joker for a change:) We had a good group and i instantly hit it off with a lovely girl called Christie from Indiana. We had a long drive to our first stop Kings Canyon arriving around midday, we did an hour walk in 43 degrees but it was worth every minute of it. It really is so hard to describe the beauty of the places that we saw over these few days so i will leave you to the pics to see for yourselves.

We carried on to Uluru for our night camp of fun and games and got to see the sun go down over the rock. There is a magical haze which surrounds it that has to be seen to be believed, i doubt there is anywhere quite like this place in the world. We played silly games while drinking and Paul kissed out tour guides private area which was hilarious - this could and would only happen to the bag. I guess i better elaborate..........we played a game where you have to kiss a cuddley toy called grub and say 'i love me grub dearly i'm going to kiss my grub on the eye, and you each have to kiss a different area. Then you have to kiss the person to your left in this area but you don't know until after you've chosen the area. Of course Tbag had to say ball bag being his favourite area and our tour guide was sitting to his right, put it this way it was funnier for us as she is a true crocodile dundee lady.

We slept in swags under the stars which was awesome and i had the best nights sleep............unfortunately we had to get up at 4.20am for breakkie and then we drove to Uluru to see the sun rise over the rock. This was so amazing and again i can't describe in words the true impact of this experience. It was my Mums birthday and my only regret is that she couldn't be there to have this day with us. We walked around the rock which takes around 90 minutes and is by far the only thing that you should do here. The rock is far to sacred to climb and although a lot of idiots choose to there was no way once we saw it that we would disrespect the aborigional people in this way by climbing it.

The walk around was followed by our last sight 'Kata Juna' (The Olgas). Again refer to the pics to see the beauty of these places. All in all we had an awesome tour and would reccomend this to anyone and everyone - if this is the only tour you do in Austrlaia you must visit the middle.

After our whirl wind tour we stayed the night in the Ayers rock resort hostel.....the most expensive hostel in Aus and to be honest for no good reason. Saying that we were so shattered that we had a good night relaxing by the pool and laughing at the interesting entertainment in the bar.

To summarise 'The Red centre Rocks' and is not to be missed............)

Pics to follow soon

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