Sarah and Denis Round the World travel blog

Putting on our leather chaps with Matthias Boss (the stable boss)

We rode with two people from Ireland and another one from Japan

Robert on his horse from on the top of the now named...

Ceniza has a quick pre-gallop snack

Snow on the hills in horsetrekking country

Volcan Villarrica smoking away

Please note Richard's full length leather chaps

The horses also got a break as well with a view of...

After our break we headed back towards home

Crossing a river on the way

Here's Richard in his full length leather chaps crossing the river

And now Robert with a ponchoed Matthias Boss

After a few gallops and untacking the horses it was sunset time

A galloping great time was had by all

And again it was great, this time though due to our 3 days riding in Bolivia we actually wanted fast horses and got them. Denis got to ride the same horse with no name as before and as he has ridden it twice and given it the same name twice it now called Bronco as it looks like the horse from the Clint Eastwood film Bronco Billy. Sarah rode Ceniza which was as fast as the horse that our guide Alessandra rode.

Richard and Robert got on well but didn't take it seriously when Denis told them to put some socks down their pants for protection. They will next time.

We all had galloping great fun.

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