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I think it's Michelle

Captain Cook Monument

Waimea Statue

Waipio Valley

Walking down the very steep road to the bottom of Waipio Valley

Spirit Horses

Surfing at Waipio

Beach @ Waipio

Waipio Valley

Michelle and the Girls

Our fellow Canuck has left us! He's left us and joined the circus...literally! Nathan had lived in both Calgary and Vancouver before coming to Hawaii so it was so nice to have someone from back home to visit with. Word is he'll be back for a week at the end of this month before he flies back to Canada!

The first weekend in November was spent mostly touring around the local area. On Saturday Michelle, Nathan, and I visited a small artsy fartsy town that was holding a coffee tasting and art exibition. Alot of the local farmers sampled thier own brew on the only street in Holualoa in hopes of finding some faithfull customers. Most of the shops in Holualoa revolve around local artists. Michelle and I really impressed by alot of thier work! After way to much coffee and hardly no food, we vibrated our way to a nearby beach, tried some kava (tasted like muddy water), checked out Kona Brewery for lunch and a great beer, and caught a movie (Jarhead...wasn't impressed) before heading home!

Sunday consisted of a hike to the Captain Cook Monument to do some snorkeling. The Captain Cook Monument marks the area Captain Cook was killed after he discovered the Hawaiian islands. The hike was challenging...all downhill to the monument and all uphill back. The snorkeling was so amazing, nothing but crystal blue water as far as you can see, 1000's of different types of tropical fish, and even a lonely eel. The day was great except for the 2 inch gash on Nathans foot he recieved from some coral. I'm sure the hike up the hill was extra special for him!

We finally made the trip to Waipio Valley this last weekend. This was the trip I had been waiting for! As with all the things we've seen, the pictures or I can't explain how beautiful this island really have to experience this island for yourself to appreciate it! Waipio Valley was amazing, except for the hike to the bottom which again was all down hill into the valley and all uphill coming back...this hike was way harder than the others because it was a 25% grade, that's steep! Waipio was a was a small busy town in the early 1900's until a tsunami wiped everything and everyone out in 1946. The valley is said to be haunted now and as we walked through the valley, past burial sites and wild horses (check out thier eyes in the pictures) that seemed to come out of nowhere, there was a definite eerie feeling. The eerie feeling changed once we got to the beach and was surprised to see ten foot waves and a bunch of "locals" surfing. Though I wished I could have joined them, I ended up sitting on a rock for about an hour and marvelled at thier skill! I for sure thought by now that I would be surfing every day but the Big Island isn't great for beginner surfing because of all the rock and coral so unfortunatly I haven't touched a board yet!

Michelle heard through the coffee vine that a lady in Waimea was selling her coffee shop. This sparked Michelle's interest and we made the stop over on the way to Waipio Valley. The thought of Michelle wanting to buy a coffee shop in Waimea was right up my alley since it's my favorite place on the island...a small cowboy town with rolling green hills tucked between to's such an amazing place! I must be a country kid at heart! Michelle gets sooo excited when she's talking coffee. It's great to see her so excited about owning her own coffee shop someday but after 2 hours in a coffee shop chatting up the owner, I had to pull her out! The owner was great and is returning to her past occupation of being a coffee shop consultant (helping people start up thier own coffee shops) in Oregon. Michelle made a good impression as usual, got the owners name and number in Oregon and left with hopes of talking to her soon once we returned to Canada.

We spent Saturday night in Kalupa State Park in our 4 man tent donated by Melanie and Colhour. Staying in campsites instead of renting hotels has saved us lots of $$$. Camping also makes our weekends more enjoyable and memorable. At this campsite we met a father and his two daughters and ended up playing Monopoly (Michelle lost her money first), drinking beer, and talking farming since he also owned his own coffee farm.

Our "things to do" list is definately getting much shorter and so is our time on this amazing island. Just over a month from now we'll be in Malaysia!

Usually most people have a new chapter in thier lives open up every 2 or 3 years...we are so lucky to be opening a new chapter every 2 or 3 monthes!

Love from both of us to you all back home! Thanks for all your mail, we look forward to it everytime we find time to jump on the computer!


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