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Well, we made far.

The last two weeks have been interesting. We left Stavanger and continued along the Norwegian coast. We were warned that it would be hilly and it was! We have been up and down mountainsides and in and out of bays and around fjords neverending. Its been wonderful. The weather did turn a little bit sour - we had three consecutive days of rain, which we're told are the remnants of the Florida storm which has turned North and into Europe. It chased us down here!

We are in Bergen, awaiting the ferry to the Shetland Islands in Scotland which only runs once a week. We have been in a Youth Hostel as there are no camping sites in Bergen. It has been a relief to get in out of the rain and be able to dry off! The irony is that once we arrived at the rainiest spot in Norway, the rain stopped! That's just fine.

Norway has been fantastic. The land is rugged and the scenery is spectacular. Camping has worked out well overall. Things do tend to be a little pricey, however! We've had some work done on the bicycle and we are ready for the next stage of the trip.

We are looking forward to our time in the UK. The Shetland and the Oarkney Islands are relatively little-known, and we hope to see them in clear conditions!

We are both well, and send our love to all.

Ken & Liz

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