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HK in the background, I highly recomend Cathay Pacific.

my $3 Fanta at HK's airport, who knew?

Came back into town last night and it's so nice to be back although I seemed to of brought the rain with me agian! The airport was a breeze and I find myself chuckling about how I was when I first arrived here back in September, all big eyed and a bit lost. Even though it dosen't seem like it was such a long time ago, time has been going by fast i guess this is partly due to the fact that I have been running around a lot since then. I have come to the conclusion that a year is definetly not enough time to see all the things and go to all the places that I find myself wanting to do.

- I had to change planes in HK and it was so nice to be in a "modern" airport. Big, bright with lots of windows and did I mention clean? Although I did have to pay $3usd for a friggin can of orange Fanta, one thing about Thailand is that it might be a bit smelly and dirty but it is cheap! I found myself looking across the bay at HK and I felt a little bad about not going to Beijing after Nepal, I guess I will have to suck it up and head up there sometime in the next few months before Africa. I am very happy I brought the cold weather gear because it's going to be freazing! Besides, since I have been carying it around with me it's good to actually use it and I guess everything should atleast be cheaper there due to the low amount of tourists. -

But back to Seoul, it's fall here and it's so nice to smell the crispness in the air and the leaves are all changing. I found myself humming some Christmas carols last night, I almost felt like I was back on the East coast. It's nice to be in a major city again, there are definetly some nuances that I personally really enjoy about big city life the food options definetly being one of them. I find, I miss the change of season's. I don't know if I would really want to live some place where it is always just one season or where your quality of life options are limited to eating, drinking and bowling (KhoTao).

Tomorrow I head out to another town south of here with Shin to see more of the fall foilage and to explore the country a bit more. Looking forward to it since the last time I was here I got the jist of Seoul but didn't get to see much outside of the city. As I look out my window here I find myself thinking a lot of Tokyo and I find myself missing it a bit, the people, the coulture and my friends (although a lot of you guys are now back in the states and I see you less now then when you guys lived over there!). Seoul does remind me quite a bit of it though and maybe that is why I didn't really feel any sort of culture shock when I first came thru. Now it almost seems second nature.

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