Ben and Kirsteen's World Trip 2005/6 travel blog

The two of us enjoying toasty toes

Ben proud of the size of his hole

K: Gill took us and her baby son Christian to Papanui where her friend has a bach. A bach is a beach house but Gill's friend had a lovely one with all mod cons in a rather nice area and so we had a very relaxing time and scoffed a great deal of BBQ food - fantastic!

Ben and I also got to work out by playing "bounce the baby" with baby Christian - he is very smiley and likes to be bounced, he is also about 7 kilos at he moment and so you can only do so many sets and reps before you are exhausted!

We also went to visit Hot Water Beach which, on two hours either side of the low tide, has two hot water streams (more trickles) of about 60 degrees. So we hired a spade and Ben set about digging a hole for a bath in the sand - we were joined by lots of other people randomly digging wholes in the sand to find one that would fill with hot water and not cold sea water.

Eventually, we were successful and Ben did me proud by digging me a big hole (see photo). We didn't have a bath though because we had forgotton to bring a change of underwear and sitting in a damp swimming cozy on a long drive home is never the best! Still we had a satisfying foot bath!

B: I was proud of my manly efforts in digging the second biggest hole on the beach. The biggest hole had a head start and there were 3 of them. When we left my hole was adopted by another guy who probably tried to psdd it off ws his own.

We had a relaxing couple of days in Papanui and I cooked the BBQ both nights to give Gill a rest. The next part of our trip would take us to Tauranga were Kirsteen would meet her Auntie Ishbel for the first time.

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