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After a hard day at work - view of Whistler Village

Watching the sun set on my way home in the Whistler gondola

Whistler gondola

A day at Lost Lake

On the roof of Vancouver's tallest building

Fireworks seen from the not-yet-completed Shaw building

Black Tusk

with friends

July 25

I haven't had a day off in almost six weeks which is why I haven't emailed in so long. After the month in Mexico, I had a massive credit card bill so I have been working really hard so I can pay it off and get out of here. Not that there's anything wrong with Whistler. In fact, I'm having a really great summer and every day I'm amazed at what a beautiful place this is. I especially love being able to see so much wildlife - I get to see bears most days and even saw a deer a couple of weeks ago, sitting right underneath the gondola.

I've been working as a cashier at the Roundhouse on the top of Whistler Mountain. I mostly work behind the bar, making cappuccinos and serving alcoholic beverages but every now and then I get to sell ice-creams outside and enjoy the stunning view around me. I quite like working there because the job is really easy and I get along really well with everyone I work with.

On my days off from the Roundhouse, I baby-sit two local girls aged 7 and 8. It's a pretty good job because we get to do whatever I choose - hiking, bike-riding and hanging out at the lake. We have a lot of fun.

August 12

I'm trying to think of what I've been up to since I last wrote. I finally had a few days off and was able so spend some time by myself. Unfortunately, the first day was spent cleaning my apartment because I couldn't stand the filth any longer. I swear, sometimes I got out of the tub dirtier than what I was before I got in. I guess the guys I lived with (no offense! I still love ya!) never noticed what a terrible state the place was in.

Anyway, after that first day things got a little better. I spent a day ocean kayaking at Deep Cove in Vancouver and was able to see many seals, moon jellies and starfish. The weather was perfect too. i couldn't have asked for a better day. I also spent a few days at my friend Lisa's place in Coquitlam which gave me a good chance to do some camera shopping.

Until thoses few days in the city, I didn't realise how lucky I am here in Whistler. With so many Australians around I never have any trouble getting people to understand my accent, but Vancouver was a different story. I can count a few situations that I was in where I had incredible difficulty trying to communicate with people. These would have to be funniest;

1. I was trying to make conversation with one of Lisa's friends and pointed out a nice top that a girl standing nearby was wearing. Lisa's friend nodded and smiled politely, not even looking at the girl, then pulled her cell phone out of her bag and showed me the time. What the???

2. I was talking to another friend of Lisa's. I guess he noticed I had a bit of an accent because he asked me where I was from. I answered him and he looked very puzzled and replied, 'Estoria? I don't know where that is, I'm sorry.' And I said, 'No - AUSTRALIA!' and he said 'Oh, ESTONIA!!! Oh!!! Where exactly is that again?' Duh!

And here's a little irony for you: I had been chatting for quite a while to an Australian couple at work the other day. After a few minutes, I asked where the couple was from and the woman replied, 'Australia.' And I said, 'Well, I realise that! I'd recognise that accent anywhere. Where abouts in Australia is what I meant.' So her answer to that was, 'New South Wales. It's on the east coast. It's the same state that Sydney is in. Sydney's the state capital.' (!!!!!!!) 'Oh right', I said, 'Well, I'm from the Gold Coast. In Queensland.' 'Oh are you? You don't sound Australian. You have a very strange accent.' It seems that I just can't win.

The highlight of my trip to the city would have to be watching fireworks championships from Vancouver's tallest building which is still under construction. Three countries were competing and Lisa and I went with her uncle to see Spain's show. Riding in one of those dodgy elevators on the outside of the building, climbing ladders, then watching the sky light up from a height of 500 feet was definitely a unique experience, and the view was spectacular.

Anyway, I'm back to working seven days a week but am still having fun. I've spent a lot of time at the lake and have also been doing a bit of hiking. Yesterday, I took the girls I babysit up Whistler Mountain and on a walk to Harmony Lake. The weather was perfect and the views even moreso. We even saw a marmot. Pretty exciting stuff. I guess I'm just trying to take everything in before I leave Whistler in three weeks. I'm really excited to go to Europe but I'll be extremely sad to leave my home in Canada.

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