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Orang Asli village

Heidi and the blow pipe

Taman Negara

Jungle viewpoint

Canopy walkway

Taman Negara Nat'l. Park Nov. 6 - 9

Rainforest - Jungle - Monsoon Season - quickly rising water on the river - longboats - Gibbon Monkeys - Humidity - Thunder - Rain like you have never seen it before (okay maybe on the wet coast on a really bad day).

We really don't care much for the heat, the snakes, spiders and leeches. What is it that draws us back to the jungle again and again? Wilderness - Isolation - Simple Lifestyle

The bird above us in the tree has now sung to us for at least 5 minutes. We are the last guests here at Nusa Camp staying in a very, very basic cabin. Yesterday we hiked to the top of a mountain (1 1/2 hours up). Here in the tropics that feels like 5 hours back home - no actually worse! No energy, soaked to the bone with sweat, but the rewards were thrilling. Overlooking the rainforest, the river meandering within the mist and the monkeys howling. After that we went by longboat further up the river to see a spectacular tree canopy walkway over 500 meters long (Worlds biggest) and 25 meters high, after that a little "white water rafting" in the longboat where we did get soaking wet- quite refreshing.

Today we sat by the river in the morning and then went further upriver to an aboriginal village. "Orang Asli" (meaning original people). Again - the same thoughts nag at us. Is it the right thing to do? You barge into their village and stare at them and their lifestyle! This is the purest of traditional ways of life that we have ever seen (so far). The women bare breasted, a baby wrapped around her back,was building a basic lean-to with palm leaves, cigarette in mouth). We have a firelighting demonstration and then Geoff get's to try. Within 6 or 7 seconds he has smoke coming from the kindling. Not bad! The blowpipe was not so successful, neither Geoff nor Heidi could hit the target (about 15 meters away) . We would certainly go hungry if we needed to rely on these skills. The villagers also demonstrated how to make the darts. To this day they are still using this method of hunting with poisonous darts. They hunt for deer and smaller animals - they do not kill monkeys. There are still tigers and elephants found deeper in the jungle. We enjoyed our visit and get a few photos but we are glad that there was not a horde of tourists . You can arrange to stay overnight but this is beyond our comfort level (too much smoke). Back at Nusa Camp we have a bed and cabin even though it leaks and we share it with a few bugs.

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