Great Gobs of Spanish Moss

Most enjoyable drive stopping in Savannah to drive thru the historic town with great old mansions and parks and big old trees, just beautiful, you almost can imagine how this old town once was in it's heyday. Also, stopped at a beach along the way and great hanging moss...

Here at Bon's cousin, Norma's...truely a southern lady if ever there was one(and from S.California no less, ha!). We got here late afternoon with enuf time to throw some clothes in the washer, get spiffed up a bit, have some tea, and off to the club we walked...great buffet, Tim over ate and now is ballooning out, probably now 12#'s over what he was when he left! Great talking with Norma, hearing her stories of travel as well, getting some good info on Africa too. She has beautiful home and yard, quiet but unfortunately Tim was snoring badly so Bon slept poorly! Loved our stay and hit the road travelling S.:)

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