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Natural Bridges - Lys' Dad at 87 There

Lots of Turtles - Counted Over 80 in 3 Miles

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Lys,Russ,Julie,Tim,& Jodie - After a 'Hard' Day

Dan Keeping the Raft From Drifting Away

Tim,Bon,Julie,Lys,Jodie,& Dan

Just arrived here this pm to visit B76 friends and co-founders of said organization, Dan & Lys Burden...toured house,yard,visit to Lys' dad & brother across the street.

Next day Dan has returned from on the road(where he is 360 days a year,ha!), and Lys has organized kayak trip in Ichetucknee State Park(Suamee River-sp?) where the sinking and rising springs are most abundant ...daughters Julie & Jodie and friend Matt, plus Lys' 87 year old dad, Russ, Bon,Dan,Lys, and I - 8 of us head for the river! Beautiful, we counted 80 turtles in a 3 mile stretch, waters crystal clear bubbling up all along the way, the 70's, just a great time was had by all!

Dan & Lys are eventually moving to a house in Port Townsend, WA they just purchased so they will be back in the 'neighborhood', Dan is now working in corporate world doing the same Walkable Communities but getting benefits(health ins., etc), Lys is out of a job tho, but has plenty on her plate which keeps her mighty busy. They are looking at co-housing stuff just as we...Ernie/Gayl? Others? Anyway, we enjoyed getting together finally and rediscovering the connection...suggested reading: Dancing the Dream by Jamie Sams(Medicine Cards)!:)

An aside about the springs:

Deep below Florida lies a layer of porous limestone(dolostone) which is the Floridan of the largest in the some places the Aquifer's limestone layers are 1000's of feet thick, in others the layers are shallow. Water is able to flow through the limestone's many interconnected holes and empty spaces...the result is unique and complex, called the "karst" topography - land whose shape is influenced by the dissolving of underground limestone layers. The Santa Fe River sinks below the surface in O'Leno State Park and rises back to the surface 3 miles southwest of the sink, just outside the Town of High Springs. The 3 mile interruption in the river - created by the sinking and rising water - provides a natural bridge over which man and animal have crossed for centuries. The Suwannee is the only river inthe region that does not rise and fall in relation to the Cody Scarp, although it may have done so in the past...this ancient river has eroded a 30' deep channel into the limestone formation between the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia and the Gulf of Mexico.

Florida haws one of the largest concetrations of freshwater springs in the world(nearly 400) almost half are found within the Suwannee Basin. 65 million gallons of water per day flow from each of N. FL's 18 first magnitude springs ...this is where we kayaked a bit and it was awesome...the Cave Country is famous throughout the world, nearly 100 miles of underwater cave systems have been mapped since first discovered in 1953!

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