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We love the exotic fruits. The big pink ones are called dragon...

Bargains abound at the Chiang Mai Night Market!

The Tuk-Tuks are the coolest transport around. They sound like race-cars and...

A diety and a Demon! At the temple of Wat Doi Suthep.

The Buddhist monks give up all their possesions- but they still have...

The view of the Chiang Mai valley from high above at the...

We are having a good time checking out the different sights of Northern Thailand. We are enjoying the hustle and bustle of Thai life. The people are very friendly and polite, and they love food. There are food stalls and fruit stands on every corner, and they all have some sort of treat. The fruits alone are amazing- shapes and sizes that we would never see in the USA. And even the fruits that we do recognize are just so much more flavorful here! We are also taking in as many sights as we can-one of our favorites was a Buddhist Temple called Wat Doi Suthep, one of the holiest places in Thailand. It is very beautiful, and is perched on a mountain overlooking the entire city. The temple is hundreds of years old, and the legend is that a mythical white elephant found the spot for the King of Siam.

Another treat around all of Asia is the street markets. They sell everything you can imagine (and lot's of things you would never even think of)- from fake Rolexes, to clothing and trinkets, all the way to exotic animals (both living and dead). Chiang Mai has a huge night market- it starts at sunset and the bargaining continues all night. We have several more days in Northern Thailand, and we will be sure to find even more little gems.

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