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Only the freshest of ingredients for our Green Curry with chicken

Chef Marc preparing his favorite curry paste. No blenders here.

Our chopping blocks.

Chef Lisy sampling the local fruit. This was so was like...

What am I supposed to do with this thing?

Here we are, ready to cook our fine chopped vegetables. Never trust...

Lisy and her cooking coach "Kung". No KFC here!

Sampling the first course

Voila! Sweet n sour chicken and Green Curry.

Enjoying the fruits of our labor

After sampling all the tasty food here in Thailand, we decided that we wanted to learn how to cook it ourselves. So, we attended a Thai Cooking class. It was such a treat for us. After 307 days of eating out (yuk!) we were so excited to be preparing our own dinner!

The cooking school is run by a local family so it was real Thai cooking. The 4 dishes that we chose to make were Green Curry with Chicken (Marc's favorite), sweet n sour chicken with veggies, minced chicken salad, and a hot and sour seafood soup. This was real work. I can't remember the last time we made something from scratch, maybe never! I didn't realize how much work went in to making chili paste. After a couple of hours of chopping and cooking, we were generously rewrded with our tasty dinner. We were quite impressed with our culinary skills and were really stuffed when we left.

We had such a fun time at our cooking class. Our teacher was really a great chef. But even with her amazing cooking skills, her favorite food was Kentucky Fried Chicken! Marc and I got a kick out of this.

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