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Getting Ready for RHPS

Steam Vents from Volcano

Michelle beside Volcano Crater

Volcano crater

Lava Tube

Lush forest right by lava flow

Lush jungle at Volcanoe National Park

Camp out in the park

Morning sunrise of Mauna Loa

Hijacked Canadian

House Chicken

Sooo much to tell I fear I may have to skip some dorky stuff.

Went to the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" on Friday with a bunch of other Apprentices. It was a really good night just hanging out, getting ready (in draaag of course) and FINALLY seeing the live show with all the props and interactive whatnot. It's actually a bit more racey then I remember the movie being - but still pretty good.

Tyler and I took off this weekend to check out some Volcanoes. It was a cool afternoon driving around checking out Craters, Steam Vents, Lava Tubes, getting Sulfer headaches.. We set up Tent nearby then took off to see where the Lava meets the road. We got there at dusk and hiked 2 Miles over Lava Rock to get to where it was freeflowing into the Ocean. It was pitch dark when we got there and we sat in Silence for about an hour in awe. There was a red flow making its way down the Volcanoe for miles then forcing its way into the Ocean. It was seriously one of the most powerful things I've ever experienced in my life, I could barely even talk the whole hike back (yes, yes, yes Shawn - that was probably the best part of it for Tyler). Next morning we spent some time in Hilo and made our way around the rest of the Island (would be about 4.5 hours to drive all the way around).

Monday night was our weekly potluck. We went out to the Cliff cause I wanted to get a jump in. Its like 30 feet you know! The others jumped and I got to spend 30 minutes on the ledge in my stupid little board shorts and Bikini top taking in the beautiful Sunset. I decided that it was best not to get wet that night cause I'd just showered anyway.

I got into a Roasting Workshop on Tuesday (Tyler had to work aaahaaa), Did a 'cupping' and learned so much about coffee roasting and the difference even seconds make in the taste. I got a $115 discount cause of our connections so I Figured I'd learn everything I can while I'm here incase my Coffee Shop plan comes together when we get home - Get this.. In a room full of Farmers and Me, the guy that sits next to me actually travels around helping people set up coffee shops as a profession!! We became really good friends :)

Tyler and I are at a Crossroads in our relationship. I'm really good friends with all the Chickens around the farm - they pretty much rule the area. Anyway, the Chickens and I get into some pretty deep talks and all, then Tyler comes running over Jumpin around Flappin his arms and sqwaking like a dork. Apparently he had a run-in with a Rooster at his Grandfathers place when he was really young. Long story short, Tyler gets a few scratches on his chest, Dad and/or Grampa comes to the rescue, Rooster doesnt see another sunrise, Chick family has a feast and Tyler's mentally scared for life. I guess you cant blame Tyler for the way he is but this is a pretty big hurdle for us to get past. We're working at it everyday. *I put up a picture of 'House Chicken', when they leave the door of the house open she comes in and eats the Cat food. She's my favorite.

We get this new Roomate a couple weeks ago (Rose), we welcome her with open arms and do what we can do make her comfortable. Everything seems to be going alright regardless of a few minor basic roomate irritations, somehow we all get into this deep Abortion / Religion discussion in the field (Tip: Don't ask a Christian her opinion on those topics unless you're ready to hear them). Roomate, who knows I'm a firm Christian just goes to town for like 3 days in her little Anti-Christian rant (for those that weren't aware - the only reason Bush is in office is cause there's too many Christians in America). Was quite the scene here. Things have calmed down a little as she was given a 'Calm down or you'll have to depart' speech. That was a superfun week.

Last night Tyler and I went to Kidnap a friend of ours, a fellow Canadian (Nathan) from a local farm. He is here Wooffing as well and ended up at this super crazy chicks place. She's known to go off the deepend hourly. Saw him on Monday when he told us that he was bookin out of there as soon as he could but would have had to do some compromising favors to get to use her computer and phone (and it would all have to be on the down-low). Luckily we're in full Coffee Season so Melanie and Colehour agreed to have him come work for a week while he looked for something else. He had no idea we were coming but made his decision to leave at that exact moment with us as we heard her screaming at someone else in the background. He's awesome and things are much funner around the farm. He looks like my little cousin.

The plan was to do this Travel stint to learn things about ourselves, I planned on learning things that would make me out to be cooler then I thought - unfortuantely I'm finding out that I'm much more of a girl then I thought I was. I cant lift heavy stuff like Tyler and I cant dig endless holes like Tyler can. What I have learned though is that I throw tantrums like a 4-year-old when I learn these things about me.

Tyler's learned not to scratch at himself after cutting up Thai hot peppers.

Thanks for all your email and imput as to our pictures unfortunately Tyler's Camera privellages have been taken away as he doesnt yet understand the difference between 'artistic' and 'borderline pornographic' pay-back shots.


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