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Convention Centre.

Mr Raffles.

"Worlds biggest fountain"

and the light show.

Photograph 5000!

Ahh, Air Asia, reminds me of flying Europe on the cheap with EasyJet, "free seating" which basically means a bun fight. There I was happily near the front of the boarding queue when everyone else goes for the "priority boarding", they take the rules somewhat liberally here; under 25 -young children, over 40 - elderly, fat - disabled, plain stupid - mentally disabled! The plane was half empty anyway so the few normal ones of us left need not have worried.

Well, Singapore, I didn't really want to come here, the first time was enough but I need to spend some money on electronics or at least a waterproof housing for my camera to improve my diving photographs. But I've been surprised, it's changed and loosened up a bit, I've seen some litter and even graffiti, people cross the road when the red man is showing and often not at the crossing and there aren't nearly so many "do not ..., Fine S$xxxx" signs everywhere.

I accidentally found "the worlds biggest fountain - The fountain of wealth" while wandering around some of the shopping malls. During the daytime only the middle bubble fountain runs and people walk 3 times around it for good luck (yes, I did) but there were signs advertising the evening sound and light show so I decided to go back. It took me half an hour to walk there and the "show" lasted 3 minutes followed by 27 minutes of advertising before the next performance. When I walked round to the right side it was quite impressive but surely they could think of more than 3 minutes worth.

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