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Trinity Beach

Trinity Beach

Koala's at Cairns Tropical Zoo

Koala at Cairns Tropical Zoo

Which one of these should be caged???

Feeding the Roo

Feeding the Roo

Feeding the Roo

Feeding the Roo

Pretty Bird

White Kangaroo

Cairns Accommodations

Cairns Strip

Cairns Lagoon

Live Aboard Dive Boat

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Hanging out on the boat

Great Barrier Reef

Preparing to dive

Preparing to dive

Ready to take the plunge!

Great Barrier Reef

Sharks and fish flocking for food

Sharks and fish flocking the boat for food

Sunset on the Great Barrier Reef

Sunrise on the Great Barrier Reef

Who's driving the boat?? HOLD ON!!!

dive pep talk from the divemaster

First dive was with the group

Cuttlefish (squid family)

Parrotfish and Staghorn Coral

Sissor-tail sergeant & Chocolate-dipped fish with coral

Our home for three days

Sweetlips (described in reef talk as Mick Jagger -like lips)

Various coral including Dwarf Staghorn Coral

Sergeant Fish and Dwarf Staghorn Coral

Various coral & Chocolate-dipped fish

Green Turtle

Green Turtle swimming with Sissor-tail Sergeant with Mushrrom Coral behind

Green Turtle gracefully swimming

Sergean fish with Butterfly fish behind

Clown-faced Triggerfish (mean fish that attack and bite!)

Starting a dive


Coral (soft Mushroom Leather Coral on bottom and middle right)

fish and Dwarf Staghorn Coral

Giant Clam - over 70 years old

Giant Clam with various Staghorn Coral

Puffer Fish

Green Turtle

Amy Loves the Turtles!

One of Mike's favorites! - The Stingray

Various Fish and Coral

Staghorn Coral and Anemone (bottom left)

Pink Clownfish in Anemone

Nemo and Marlin at home

Nemo and Marlin in their Anemone

White Tipped Reef Shark

White Tipped Reef Shark

Giant Moray Eel

Giant Moray Eel

White Tipped Reef Shark

Various Coral

Giant Fish that likes to hang under the boat for leftovers

Dinner and drinks at Rattle-N-Hum after the trip

Eight-hour flights seem to go by quickly now as our trip to Cairns was short and sweet (never mind a 2 hour wait through customs that left us minutes from missing our connection!). We had a few days in Cairns to settle in before starting the live aboard dive trip. We scored clean and friendly accommodations on the Esplanade and frequented the lagoon to cool off. Cairns is a nice little beach town, except it does not have a beach. Mainly a gateway to for trips to the Great Barrier Reef its "beach" is mud. They put in a beautiful lagoon and grassy area to compensate and keep the visitors satisfied. So, we headed up the coast to visit beautiful Trinity Beach. It was a perfect little beach without too many people; life seems to melt away here. We also made a trip to the Tropical Zoo to visit the Koalas and feed the Kangaroos. They even had a White Kangaroo, they are not albinos, it is due to a recessive gene. The zoo had frequent talks in each area and had an entertaining performance with the local bird population.

The eve of our dive trip, we attended the Reef Talk lecture given by a VERY dramatic and marine loving biologist. He had us cracking up with his wacky descriptions and gestures to describe the wildlife we were about to meet. Thanks to his constant repetition, some things stuck and we were able to identify fish and coral during the dives.

The dive trip was absolutely fantastic!!! We spent three days on the boat and did 11 dives including 2 night dives. We visited various sites on Flynn and Milln Reefs for the dives and saw tons of fish and coral species, white tipped reef sharks, hawksbill and green turtles, giant moray eel, stingray, cuttlefish, cone shell, giant clams, and sea cucumbers. Some of the fish we saw are: scissor-tailed sergeant, bullhead parrotfish, butterfly fish, wrasse, angelfish, clownfish, batfish, filefish, chocolate-dipped fish, and puffer fish. During the night dive, we saw more white-tipped reef shark, stingrays, and when the flashlight shone on the coral, you could see the red eyes of shrimp. When we weren't diving, they were feeding us. No Kidding. Everyone on the boat had to have gained weight despite all the activity we were doing! The crew and food was good, we had great boat-mates to experience these dives with and the diving was phenomenal. Once back on land, the trip seemed very surreal (except for us swaying like drunks for three days after from the boat!)

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