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Big Tree again...Waitomo Valley

Spillunkers ready...(love dem wellies Tim)

Down that hole woman!

Get a move on and enter the pit...

Around Waitomo...arty shot

Fancying oursleves mini caving experts (spillunkers!) we decided to go "adventure caving" rather than do the std trip. This involved rappling down a 27 metre drop into the caves. We spent the next couple of hours traipsing through water filled caves, illuminated by thousands and thousands of glow worms. Really beautiful. Next on the agenda was black water rafting through the caves, which involves very little rafting and is simply floating through the caves on the inside of tractor tyre tubes (ring any bells Ali and TC!). After negotiating our way through some small spaces and tight squeezes t'was time to leave by way of climbing back up the 27 metre wall.

As the days are flying past, we had to put pedal to the metal and cruise onto our next destination, Mount Taranaki near New Plymouth.

But until next time....

Love Nix and Tim

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