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Oct 17:

Another sad goodbye this morning at breakfast, as Paul and Emmma are heading on to Argentina, and we get on the bus again, bound for Curitiba.

We drive for about seven hours through the massive cattle ranches and landscape of the Mata Grosso do Sul, until we arrive in Curitiba, one of the wealthiest cities in Brazil.

The contrast between Bolivia's and Brazil's infrastructure had been increasingly evident as we travelled- visible in the state of roads, the number of 'favelas' or shantytowns, even in the public washrooms (i.e. in Brazil you get a seat and even toilet paper!).

But nowhere thus far had it been as obvious as it is here...Curitiba is a fairly modern city, with shopping to rival Rio or any other major city, if that's your thing. There are also genteel neighbourhoods with beautiful homes, and a few modern attractions to see.

We arrived late in the afternoon after our long bus ride, so for tonight we just cleaned up and went out for another great dinner- the best beef ribs ever!

Oct 18:

Today we have some free time to explore, relax, whatever....I wandered for a bit, then when it got overcast, headed to the internet cafe- spent five hours there- uploading pics takes forever!

Not too much else today....we are on another bus tonight, travelling overnight to the coast of Brazil and on to Ilha Grande.

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