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Farrow showing off our new apartment

Ilha Grande in the sun

Mendes Lopes Beach with Nick and Jess

Our ferry

Well we visited paradise, or at least it would have been had the weather been good enough. We went to Ilha Grande which is about 2 hours south of Rio by Bus, or several more hour if you try it with a hangover. We manged to miss the bus we were aiming for which then meant we also missed the ferry but fear not as we managed to hitch a ride on a much smaller boat and arrive there just as the rain started. We rocked up looking for the nearest cash point and to try and find some accomodation only to be told immediately that there are no cashpoints on the Island. Seems the lonely planet guides may have been useful after all. We pondered what to do for a moment spending almost the last of our cash on a richly deserved Pizza and some ice cold Cervezas.

Eventually we found a little place and after a long games of charades we manged to tell the Tourist information people we have no money and we needed a place to stay. Our true friend, namely Visa, came to our rescue and we ended up in a little apartment. At this point after a days travelling in Brazil also a Satuday night we partied in style and managed a record 13 hours straight sleeping. Nicely refreshed and ready to explore we met up with Nick and Jess (the english couple we were travelling around with) and embarked on a trek across the island. This proved to be a tough test of character as we frog marched for two and a half hours across the tropical forest peaks in 35 degree brazilian heat. As you can imagine, Farrow was losing water fast but to his credit didn`t go over unlike the rest of us. The new tourist puma`s are now well and truely ruined.

We got an island boat back to the port after a drink on a bar which was located fifty yards offshore. The nightlife on the island is geared up for honeymooners so we opted for the best option at the time. A card drinking game in the apartment with some random girls from Clapham, an irish accountant called Theresa, Nick, Jess, me and Alex. Soon all hell had broken loose and we were sat in a random bar drinking fat glasses of the strongest sambuca I have ever tasted. The sambuca didn`t react well with Faz`s taste buds.....

The island weather turned a bit nasty so we decided to go back to the mainland and get back to the hostel in Rio. We decided to take off in the morning on the bus to Salvador so needed an early night. No sooner this was said, from no-where in walked what can only be described as 'Three Danish Beauties' searching for a good time with two handsome english hugh grant types. They were serioiusly dissapointed! The danish girls had a very english sense of humour which sat well with us and so we drank Caiprinha till the early hours of the morning. It was like something out of American Pie and we were loving it.

Needless to say it was the bus journey from HELL..........

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