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Down from Flam



Fjord 2



Bergen Seafood stall

Bergen Park

Bergen is a great city with lots of interesting buildings and a nice hill-top park to wander around. There's a great sea-food market on the harbour but I was a bit dubious about eating the whale-meat ( I didn't - puppy I can handle, whale is just plain wrong). I had the pleasure of coming out of a pub near midnight to catch my train back to Oslo and found that it was still broad daylight. The sun did set for an hour or two and there was almost darkness for half an hour or so. I also managed to miscalculate my arrival time back in Oslo and missed the Ryan-air bus out to the Ryan-air-dodgy airport ultimately missing my Ryan air flight back to the UK. I don't think Simon believed me when I rang to explain that I wouldn't be in to work as I was stranded in Norway.

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