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beach swing #1

Pangkor Island

Coral beach

trippy Lin Je Kong temple

Coral beach 2

monkey 1

monkey 2

Rhinocerous hornbills

sea from viewing tower

hog #2

hog 1

traditional malay house 1

traditional malay house 2

another hornbill

island just off coral beach

beach swing #2

After some 'serious' jungle trekking and urban hiking in KL it was time once again for a vacation from our vacation. You may be thinking i'm crazy but it is sometimes hard work living life out of a backpack. Un-packing, re-packing, the constant aroma of dirty laundry, never sure if you have enough lou-roll; it ain't easy! Having been nearly two weeks since just chillin' out we decided to head for the white sandy beaches of Pulau Pangkor, an island on the west coast of Malaysia. Since the monsoons are supposedly hitting the east coast now, it was supposed to be a wise decision to stick to the west. Let me just say if this is the dryer of the coasts I'd hate to be on the other side now. It has rained just about every day since we left Singapore. It's not like Seattle rain which is more of a light drizzle that just kind of floats around in the air; this stuff pisses down in sheets. On the bright side it doesn't last long and a nice downpour cools eveything off (Did I mention it's hotter than a pig roast in hell?). I'm just glad we both have umbrellas. I intended to make note of this earlier; we were forced to purchase umbrellas in New Delhi because it was pissing rain eveyday and have been carrying them ever since. I would have never thought to bring an umbrella to India but that shows what I know. It has been the most useful purchase of the trip (other than the mini-speakers) and also comes in handy to create a bit of shade on the beach i've learned. Anyway, I tend to ramble...

Pulau Pangkor is a quiet little lsland just about 30 minutes off the mainland by ferry. On one side are two small fishing villages and Pangkor town which has shops, a post office, a school and some typical neighborhoods. The other side is where the beaches are and where we were headed. It's a beautiful island with not much to do other than lay on the beach, take walks, eat and relax. It's nice, perfect actually. We stayed at the Nazri Nipah Camp in a little double room w/ private bath for 30 rm/night (3.76 rm = 1usd) complete with our own monkeys living on the roof (I missed those little buggers from India). The guest house had a cool atmosphere with a friendly rastaman working there, cold beer and decent tunes. Again, not much to do on this island. We only had two (sometimes only one) restaurant to choose from. Luckily TJ's was very good and did breakfast lunch and dinner. They have the fresh catch of the day sitting there on ice next to the grill so you pick your fish and he'll fillet it right there, brush it wish some butter and spices then wrap it in a banana leaf and grill it. We went with red snapper accompanied by a beef rendang (traditional malay dish) and rice followed by a plate of fresh fruit. That was just one of several excellent dinners at this place. I managed to find another 'hog' to rent so we motored around the island which took about 45 minutes with stops. It was so enjoyable to feel a breeze and fly up and down the hills and curving roads around this island we did it twice. Otherwise our time was spent lounging on the beach and walking around seeing whatever there was to see which included a few shops and a temple that looked like someone built it on acid. We did manage to run into some rhinocerous hornbills some of which have really large beaks and lots of friendly cats... It was just what the doctor ordered.

Eventually it was time to head back to civilization by which i mean to Pulau Penang, another island. However, this island has a major city (Georgetown) and an airport where we must be on October 31st for our flight to Bangkok...

photos under construction...i have so many good ones but the connection is too damn slow to post them all here. check back later.

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