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About half the group, me included, have caught a bug. Sore throat/cold type symptoms. Less that full speed but no one has missed anything yet though.

Te Anau to Queenstown - 175 KM 10/23/05

The route today passed a steam train ride site, and went through towns claiming to be the "deer capitol" of the world, and the "Brown Trout" capitol. There were many commercial deer and elk farms along the route. The elk are very scrufty looking, possibly because of spring sheding, or possible due to cross between elk and red stag deer.

The last 35 km of the drive was along Lke Wakatipu, third largest lake in NZ. It had great views of mountain ranges and a sheep station across the lake, accessable only by water.

On arrival we took a gondola ride to the top of the mountain above Queenstown. There was an opportunity to bungee jump or paraglide, but the group was too mature for those activities. Most did wade in with the pre-teen and teen agers to act young on the Luge Ride.

The day was capped by a great buffet supper in the lodge at the top of the mountain overlooking the lake. Snow capped mountains, deep valleys, and a sun sinking low - don't get much better!

Queenstown is a great mountain town on a lake tourist attraction.

Not everything is perfect. Fearless Leader got another dirty end of the stick from Fantasy Tour Planners, again. See tomorrows photos.

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