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Our Farm

Sunset at Food Share

Our view from the farm

Mich and Kaia after rain storm

Tyler's avocado harvest


Michelle at South Point

South Point

South Point

Green Sands Beach

Grrrrr...Oh Behave!

Aloha from the Big Island everyone. Since our last entry, quite a bit has been happening with Michelle and I. Our minds are constantly thinking about our futures. Where we want to be and what we want to do when we grow up and end our travelling adventures is keeping us excited about coming home and busy learning new things!

Before Michelle and I left home, we left open the option that if we found some tropical destination that we absolutly loved we would try to find work there and maybe settle down for a while. We both agree that that option is no longer, as we have realized that we need to be close to our family and friends. There isn't any doubt in our minds that travelling was the right decision for us and we are having the most amazing times of our lives but we really do miss the comforts of home!

So what's new?....Our $100 car is now a $500 car after replacing two tires, the thermostat, and the water pump! Frustrated for a short time, we are now extremly happy with our new found freedom and cruising the big island! We haven't ventured to far from home yet but we did manage to take a day trip south to Green Sands Beach and South Point. South point is the southern most tip of the U.S.A and was amazing...the contrasts of blue water and massive cliffs all shadowed by the volcanoe Mauna Loa gave me goose bumps! Green Sands Beach was a 2 1/2 mile hike along a 4X4 trail and the angry Pacific Ocean. It was a long, hot and dry hike to the beach that actually had green sand! The beach was enclosed in a canyon like valley which we had to scurry down. I think we chose a bad day to go to this particular beach because the water was rough and relaxing on the beach gave us and idea of what it might be like to sit in front of a sand blaster! Luckily we caught a ride back to our car in one of the locals 4x4 truck.

Most of our other trips have just been short ones consisting of some local beaches and into town to stock up on oatmeal, catch a movie and to make Michelle feel "normal". Michelle and I felt rather primitive when we went to the theatre for the first time and didn't recognise any of the movies playing! Unfortunatly we don't hear any

world news but I did manage to find the ESPN radio station that is playing the baseball playoffs....I love it, Michelle hates it! Oh ya, I heard from someone on the island the Alberta is thinking of separating from Canada???? Someone please clarify!

I have recently discovered how much fun cliff jumping is...there's about a 30 foot cliff that everyone jumps off of at one of the beaches close by. Michelle "couldn't" jump last time because she didn 't have her suit. I think she will do it eventually if i tease her enough! Strange thing is, the only thing that worries her about jumping off a 30 foot cliff into the ocean is getting water up her nose???

Michelle is going to be able to check one item off her "LIFETIME THINGS TO DO" list soon...the local live theatre is preforming The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I don't know much about the show but if i have the chance to dress in drag and not get beat up, i'm all for it! I'm sure if it happens you'll all see pictures! Sorry for the shower scene picture, michelle is funny but revenge is much more funny!

Michelle and I have figured out this eating off the land thing! Thanks to all that this and the surrounding farms have to offer, we are pretty much eating 100% organic foods which are mostly harvested and cooked by one or both of us! The short list consists of bannana, papaya, avocado, guava, taro, four or five different types of greens, oranges, coconuts, and coffee! We find even more differnt types of food at our local food share every other monday night....we are definately eating well!

From time to time there are workshops in the area that revolve around coffee production in the Kona area. We usually get into these workshops for free since Colehour is on the board for the Kona Coffee Council. We've learned so much since we've been here, it's really exciting for us to be able to be exposed to this brand of farming in such a close knit community!

Michelle and I hope that everyone is enjoying our website stories and pictures early on in out travels around the world. A big thanks to everyone who is writing us with words of encouragment and love. Your support on our journey is keeping us going. We miss you all!


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