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Yak on the move

This might not look much but that is the first sight of...

Me after a week of being filthy

The Barley harvest, what these guys live off for winter

Random Monk we picked up

Literally 5 ins from tarmac we get a flaty, she had done...

The local kids come to check out the Aliens that just landed...

Me after the expedition and just before im about to have my...

Matt with amazed onlookers

Saturday 15th October

Up waiting for Sani to pitch up cant wait to get out here, feeling aot better today. Sani arrived on time but with some random Chinese bloke in tow. Hit the crap roads down to Lhatse for about 2 hours then from there on it was breezy, dirt roads all the way to Shigatse, where we would stop for the night to break the journey to back to Lhasa.

The old girl picked up a puncture literally 5 mins before we hit all tarmaced roads what a bitch. We stopped in a town so Sani could get his tyre sorted, and after about 3 minutes we were surrounded by locals all staring and doing the whisper thing well funny, it was like we were aliens and they had never seen such beasts before.

We arrived in Shigatse at 8pm and I got to look at myself in a mirror for the first time in 5 days, what a mess, lips hanging off, burnt peeling noise, beard and filthy. So grabbed a lush shower and a change of clothes, felt like a new man.

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