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Wild Cyclamen



Sleeping swans

There are some lovely spring flowers appearing along our walking tracks now.

The weather is slowly improving although we have had quite a lot of rain over the last few days.

Our "refo pack" from Australia has arrived and we are enjoying some treats (tim tams and things we can't get here)

After some messing around we have now got appointments to have our 1st Covid-19 vaccination jabs next Friday. It's been a bit of a saga but we appear to have it organised. I'll try to explain the system here without getting too confusing!!!! (probably impossible!! You might need to get a cuppa before you start trying to understand it!) - you must be registered with a Doctor's Surgery in the area you live and supply your NHS no. - we have NHS numbers from being born in this Country, and we registered with a surgery in Newark on Trent when we first arrived.

You cannot just walk into any Surgery in the Country - you can only attend your registered Surgery! You can register temporarily with other clinics for a short time if you are travelling. SO - Tony tried to do that at the local clinic here in Kintbury so that we could obtain the Vaccination here. They didn't want to accept us just for that purpose. Tony then emailed The West Berkshire Health Watch office that does regular checks on Doctors etc. in this County and they intervened and told the surgery that they were required to accept us.

In the mean time we had received our NHS letters to make appointments for the jabs - however, because we are still registered in Newark the letter gave us links to ONLY those vaccination clinics in the Nottinghamshire County area!

We had been told there was a Vaccination centre at the Newbury racecourse, which we can reach easily and so I tried to book there using the online booking page - that centre doesn't appear on the website and the closest centre to Kintbury is 12.7 miles away!! Even ringing the hot line didn't help as that centre doesn't appear on their pages either!! Anyway, the lovely lady from WEst Berkshire Health Watch got onto the Kintbury Surgery and sorted them out, so on Thursday we had a call from them being more than helpful and putting us on their books and then sending us the link so that we could book appointments at Newbury Racecourse.

The Racecourse clinic has been set up by 9 clinics in the surrounding area and was being used solely for their patients. The Govt. has since found this out and informed them that they are being naughty!!!!

Fun and games - and it's keeping Tony entertained on the keyboard whipping off emails to all and sundry.

Hope you're not too confused.

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