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We awoke to beautiful scenery this morning. And there were heaps of people out for their walk along the snowy towpath, which has turned to sloshy, muddy snow.

The forecast is for more snow today and it's looking a bit grey at present so we just may get some more.

We had decided to reverse up to the water point but when Tony walked down to the tap at around 10am it was frozen, so decided to go for a walk and check the tap on the way back. When we arrived back at the tap there was a boat there filling up so it had unfrozen and we just waited for them to finish then we came down. It takes around 1 1/2 hours to fill up, so whilst I've got the washing machine running I decided to load in the photos and write.

The train line runs very close to the canal and the trains are moving very slowly today with snow on the lines. Even the goods trains are going slow. I was woken up just before 2 am with noise from a generator and voices and tapping hammers - got up to investigate and they were working on the train tracks right outside the boat with very bright lights, poor sods must have been bloody cold!

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