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Gate/holly tree

An icy, frosty but sunny start to the day. We set of for a decent walk to Hampstead Marshall. The sign says it's 2 miles (3.2kms) from the village and we have about 1/2 mile to walk from the boat to the village.

The sun shone until we reached Hampstead Marshall, which has nothing but a few houses and a couple of farms to it's name along the main road. There is a church in one direction and a village hall in the other direction, but it had clouded over and we had a few spots of rain so we didn't do any exploring, and headed back to Kintbury.

All in all we walked 10.3 kms (6.4 miles)!

We pass this place frequently and can't fathom out why anyone would plant a holly tree on the other side of the gate which prevents the gate being closed!!!!!

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