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Red Kite

Mossy stummp


Avington Church


Large tree in church yard



A lot of nature pics today. A lovely walk in the sunshine and it's quite mild. (just over 5km). We walked on the public footpath that goes through the Avington Estate which is a very large estate and is most known for it's fishing. The River Kennet runs through the estate and there are some large lakes - we were told by a fisherman that a licence to fish in their lakes is £3000 per year!!!! (you'd have to be keen - just to catch a fish and then throw it back in again!)

It was a bit disappointing though, to follow the path and suddenly come to a sign that says end of footpath, private property, so we had to turn around and come back.

This lovely old 12thC church was at the end of the walk.

and this tree must be a couple of hundred years old.

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