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Full Moon over the desert

No one to play with

I’m not walking in these things

Quick trip to Lowe’s...except for having to stand in line

How we spent our time

Blooming Palo Verde trees

Blooms in the trees in the dog park

And this was the cooler triple digit day

It has been 20 more days of self isolation since I last updated the blog. It has been a slow 20 days. They closed down everything...Pool, pool room, card room, putting green, etc... It is hard to write that you sat outside until it got too warm and then we moved inside. But prior to the really high heat the last few days it has been beautiful.

I have pictures of the full moon. It looked immense in the HUGE western sky. I have a picture of Ziva just laying down in the Dog Park. No other dogs in the park most of the time, so there are no playmates...so...

We have started walking her off the leash some. Prior to that every time we headed for the large DP we had to pass Pat and Bridget’s space and she would pull the leash so hard it could pull me or Sue over, if we were not ready. However, now that we walk with out the leash she is much less impulsive in heading for P&B’s. When there is no traffic she has walked all the way to the Big DP and back without a leash. She is doing well. To prepare for the hot pavement Sue ordered her some shoes...well you can see in the picture she ain’t going far in those.

We have incurred some issues with the refrigerator again. Last year we had the same issue and had a service tech come out. He told us the compressor was getting weak. We had planned to have the refrigerator replaced last year when we went to Red Bay. By the time we left here it was working fine so we passed. Well we have the same issues this year so we ordered a new refrigerator to be installed in Red Bay in early June. We made the decision to get a small 4.4 cu ft refrigerator to get us through until then. Pat and I ran to Lowe’s to pick one up. And had to stand in the line in the sun for about 20 minutes. Enforced social distancing. Well we finally got in and picked one up and back to the Bus quicker than our time in line. We loaded all of our liquids we keep cool outside to the new fridge. And Shazam, the old fridge is now working great again. We will not be fooled again, that sucker is going out the window. Literally. That is how they get the old one out and the new one in.

One really great thing the park here has done for us that are confined is to set up a system where we can order groceries through the park cafe twice a week. We have been able to order great produce, dairy products, meat, bread, eggs, and even cleaning supplies. We order it online on Monday night and Thursday night, then pick it up the next morning. They have it ready when we get there, and just charge our park account. This has worked great.

Back to the desert being beautiful. I have pictures of our neighbors’ Palo Verde trees and the yellow blooms that fall and look like yellow snow. The trees in the DP have beautiful purple blooms and the cacti are blooming. Several residents are posting pictures of the blooms on the ones in their yards. Then on Friday it got HOT in the desert. The official warm day so far has been 105 degrees. Now I know it is the desert and it is a dry heat but it feels like working in front of a blast furnace. The windy days make it feel like a convection oven...forced warm air on all sides. I did include the mirror up front in the MH that shows the late afternoon temperature of 112 degrees. We have since seen 116 on the mirror. It does cool down relatively quickly after the sun goes down. We have spent many evenings riding our bicycles around the park with Pat and Bridget.

Which leads us to this update. We are leaving on Wednesday morning heading east. Our stops are Tucson, Las Cruces, N.M., Ft Stockton, TX, Brownwood, TX and Canton, TX. If the winds don’t kick up we hope to be in Conway on the 5th of May. We love the desert...but not the HOT desert. We hate to leave and cannot wait to get back next season...but it is time to go. We are not sure what we will find as far as the virus goes but we will keep ourselves as contained in the Bus as possible. I will post on a more regular basis once we start moving. Until then, we are packing and looking forward to cooler temps...

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