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After our walk today we went for a drive, just for a change of scenery. We stayed on the Arizona side of the river and drove through a part of the Colorado River Indian Reservation, an agricultural area. As we got to the small town of Poston, we came upon a very nicely done memorial, so of course had to stop. It was a commemorative memorial to the Japanese, who were mostly US citizens, who were placed in internment camps at the start of WWII. They were stripped of their citizenship and became a class of β€˜non-aliens.’ Allowed only to take what each could carry and a bedroll, they left behind farms, homes and businesses. Inside the camps, the internees set up schools, planted gardens and eventually planted whole fields with irrigation. Along the perimeter of the monument are bricks with the names of people in the camps. The monument was completed and dedicated in October of 1992 as a reminder of the past so that future Americans β€˜ will never again deny US citizens their constitutional rights and to advance the evolution of the American spirit.”

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