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Try was we might to sleep in, the early night, the noise level outside and in the hotel (including call to prayer at 5am, a church service at 6am and the din of our hotel kitchen), prevents us from doing so. We are both up, packed and ready by 9am.

Our flight isn’t until 9pm so we have decided to go to Kitamu Coffee for breakfast. Not only is the coffee excellent, but also their breakfasts. We stay for a couple of hours enjoying the excellent wi-fi and catch up on correspondence.

John & Freddy pick us up around 2:30pm and we drive to the Bethlehem Children’s Orphanage. I visited in 2013 when I was last here and wanted to say hello to Tumaini as well as a small donation. She, her husband and son, Abi, are doing so well and look like they haven’t aged a bit. The children are just as adorable - some of them were at the home 7 years ago and are now going in to high school. Tumaini is doing such a wonderful thing for these children.

We stay only a short while and John surprises us with a visit to George’s Tavern for dinner. The appearance and the food is predominantly Greek and it is fantastic. Just what we needed!

Now the hour long drive to the airport. It goes quicker today as it’s Sunday and not as much traffic. We say our farewells or rather ‘see you soon’ to John and check in for our flight. Tammy & Shane have arrived at the same time and we catch up on the last 24 hours. The time goes by quickly and before long we airborne.

We stopped for a little over and hour in Dar Es Salaam and I barely noticed - I slept almost the entire journey to Amsterdam, at least 6 hours. Guess I was pooped.

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