2020 Lois & Natural Trekking's Epic Kenya travel blog

Today we say goodbye to Ngorongoro Crater and head back to Arusha town. Lois & Liz are on flights this evening so we don’t doddle and are on the road by 8:30am.

The jungle air is crisp and fresh and cooler as we are 2400m above sea level. The road is a bit bumpier that the other side of the Crater - this side isn’t used quite as much.

Before long we shout with glee - a troop of baboons of all ages are crossing the road. Papa Baboon ‘guards’ his family and almost looks like he is posing and saying ‘come on you silly tourists, take your photos and move along’ 𿘂. I just love watching them.

We carry on and all of a sudden we hear a clunk, clunk underneath the Jeep. John & John check it out and looks like we have lost 3rd gear. Thankfully 1,2 & 4 work so we are ok to carry on. We have been tough on this LandCruiser, but boy can they withstand a lot. We are all sold on them and Liz proclaims she is going to buy one when she gets home!

Without incident, we check out through the park gates and wind our way back down towards Arusha. Ahhhh, we are back on smooth paved roads!

Before long we have arrived at the African Galleria and last minute gifts of coffee, cashews and souvenirs are purchased. Such a beautiful place.

Our final drive into Arusha goes by quickly and we are for the most part quiet, deep in our thoughts. So quiet that Big John asks if we are all on, as no one is talking. I think reality has hit that our adventure is coming to an end.

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