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Rainy view from the “den”

My Friday golf group

Fishers Landing

Colorado River - north of Yuma

Rio Loco Grill wall hangings

This week has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. First, there is the roller coaster ride on the stock market. It has been hard to keep up with the free fall and the bounces and then the free fall again. Second, the weather has been beautiful, then rainy, and I mean very rainy. Downpours on Tuesday and Thursday produced almost half the annual rainfall. Totals were around 4 inches. This was a lot for an area that issues a flash flood warning for 0.25 inches of rain. I took a picture from the “den” on Thursday as I sat outside and played on my iPad and watched it rain. And lastly, there has been all the hysterical press on the Corona virus. It has been hard to know whether the reports were truthful, not truthful or just ignorant. And then of course there is always the Democrats who speak of the virus like they live in some alternate universe. They could drive one insane if you tried to believe what they say...but I digress.

Monday was just a little run around day. Some local shopping and everything was normal. Tuesday, it was rain, rain and then some more rain. Some wind but mostly rain. We were in most of the day. Taking Ziva to the dog parks was a real trick, since she does not like to go out in the rain. When we were able to find gaps in the rain the dog parks were under water. Fortunately, she likes to go in the rocks and she got some relief without getting too wet.

Wednesday was the weekly trip to Wellton and a round of golf at Coyote Wash. Overcast and the course was a little wet, but not in the sense of wet at home in the south. It was my best round of the season out here. Back at the Bus we were eating well with Pat and Bridget.

Thursday was another rain day. Not all day but enough to produce another couple of inches of rain. There was little to no wind so I spent part of the day out in the “den”. It was the coolest day of the week so I did not spend all day out there.

Friday was my outing at Mesa del Sol. I played with Don, Rich and Rena. We had a great time and I have a picture of the three of them. Don lives on Vancouver Island, Rich and Rena live in Salt Lake City. The course had several areas of standing water and the fairways were much softer. I got home in time to shower and be ready for us to go to dinner with P&B at Da Boyz downtown. We had a great time. Excellent food and plenty of left overs for more meals at our RV’s.

Saturday we drove about 30 miles north of Yuma to Fishers Landing. They were having a Bar B Q competition and it was crawling with people. I have a picture of the Colorado River and the Rio Loco Grill from down by the river. The burgers we all decided on were great. They advertise they have the best burgers in Yuma and I will not disagree, as will Pat and the ladies. We spent about an hour walking around looking at the river and then walking through the Bar B Q competition. We had a great time and headed back to the Palms. We arrived back and then sat around and visited for some time before our day ended. We have decided that the best time to visit Fry’s and WalMart is late. We headed out about 10:00 p.m. We were shocked at the bare shelves. No paper goods, no bananas, no potatoes, no dried beans or rice, very little bread, no bottled water and the meat section was shocking. The only things in great supply were the milk and eggs. It was a lot worse than a snow forecast in Arkansas. It is unbelievable. Total hysteria purchasing. But, this matches stories from Beth and Haley and P&B’s kids in Louisiana.

Sunday was a late and slow day. Bridget came over and she and Sue made spaghetti while Pat and I went to the store and picked up a few items. Still no paper goods but some better than Saturday night. After our return we sat outside in the den. Clear, upper 70’s, less than 5 mph breeze, it could not have been better...and oh, yes the neighbors were jamming on their patio. Around 5:00, I cooked chicken breasts on the Traeger to have for future meals while Sue got dinner ready. We had dinner and are now getting ready for bed. That is the week, except for one item...we have started playing a lot of pool. This week all of us only played three times but Sue and Bridget practiced one afternoon while I was playing golf. It has led to some good times shooting pool and trash talking around the pool table. We have really enjoyed our times down there in the billiards room.

Here is hoping that this coming week is a little calmer, but I know it will not be. I just hope that people start to use a little common sense and listen to the news coming from the White House and not the media. I pray for our country and everyone’s good health.

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