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This rare storm produced much wind and rain,but not in our location


Our first picnic in decades with Kerry and Marg at Martinez lake

Good view of Dome mountain in the distance

A tethered US Border Blimp, there are many of these in the...

Our site here at Blue Sky Resort. Next Year we are back...

No Geo Enginnering today,the puffy clouds we used to see prior to...

These are rare to see these days,I had to take this photo.

Unless you have been living under a rock then we all know about this life changing virus.We are staying put and carrying on as usual, meaning we are leaving on the same date, and expect to go to the places we have never been as we return home to British Columbia.There has been no urgency for us to return home and no body...I mean NO body in the area that we know has seen any changes in their health.

I have scoured the internet from the Canadian govt and BC Govts, they are only advising people currently in Canada from heading south into the US. I have searched the Canadian Snowbirds Association website and found nothing indicating that us snowbirds should rush home.

Time will tell on all of this,its a guessing game right now.

We are both healthy and only concerned about the madness being shown on TV, everyday about the hoarders who continue to empty the stores of toilet paper of all things!

Having said that we are somewhat concerned that we will have little to choose from on the supermarket shelves when we do get home.

It is what it is and we will deal with that upon our arrival. Tomorrow we clean the carpets in this dust filled RV before our departure next week.If mother nature co operates we will be heading to the 4 corners monument and a few other national parks as we pass thru Eastern Arizona and Utah. Stay tuned......

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