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Made the playoffs again,we were tied.To win, the team with the highest...

Still doing good at Bingo, it is either Marion or myself that is somehow coming up with a win every week. We do play 3 times a week,may be that is why we are winning, pots are generally over $45.

In darts I have been very lucky this year, winning cash several times, and twice now made it into the finals and coming out on top. It was down to our final throw Sunday night,we had already lost one and had to win the next game.

We tied with the other team and it came down to a shoot out, the team with the highest score would be declared the winners.My partner came up short and had under 30 points, I went up and figured we were done. I threw,my first dart hit the triple 20,I threw my second dart and again scored another triple 20!

At this point I generally hit a 5 or 1, but it hit the 20 leaving me with a whopping 140 score, A win for us. This just happened to be my highest score ever,still reliving that throw. Now if I can only score like this once I get home!!

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