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Karnak Temple, Ancient site of the Temple 0f Amun, Largest religious building...









The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut 1460 BC












Luxor Temple, Luxor, Egypt 1400 BC















Temple of Edfu, 57 BC

This temple was recently uncovered. See how high the silt was.












Temples 1:

When we arrived in Luxor, we stopped at Karnak Temple, built around 1360 BC, New Kingdom time. For our first Temple, it was impressive. It would have been impressive even if it were our last. It was large and graceful. Most striking to us was the Avenue of Sphinxes. Much is missing from when it was new, but it is still outstanding. The next day we visited the Valley of the Kings and on the way we stopped at the Temple of Hatshepsut. The Queen Hatshepsut built this Temple around 1450 BC, to honor the glory of Amun. It is situated in front of a high bluff in a valley on the way to the Valley of the Kings. Its size, location, geometric shape, and color was outstanding. Late afternoon, we returned to Luxor and visited The Temple of Luxor at sunset. Seeing gigantic pillars lit up was impressive there is a bored avenue connecting to the Temple of Karnak lined with Sphinxes. Wed. the 19th we traveled south on up the Nile to Esna and the Temple of Khnum dedicated to a god of the Nile. Most the temple was covered with silt from the Nile till a few years ago and some of it is buried under the town. It was one of the later great temples of ancient unrivaled 2500-years civilization. After the visit to this temple, we boarded a small river-yacht for a 5 night cruse up the Nile River. More temples to come.

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